2016, Volume:10 Issue:1

Isolation and diagnosis of Klebsiella spp from different environmental sites and a comparative study of it’s susceptibility against some antibiotics

Nagham M. Hamdi , Laith M. Najeeb

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

The aim of this study is to isolation of Klebsiella spp. from different environmental sites ( Human , Soil , Water ) and study their susceptibility against some antibiotics . 247 clinical and environmental samples were collected from different sources from Baghdad governorate (urine and sputum, burns , wounds , water liquefaction , sewage , agricultural soil , soil of poultry farms). The results of bacterial cultural ,microscopical and biochemical tests, and Vitik -2- compact dvice had shown that 46 isolates were belong to Klebsiella spp., the susceptibility of these isolates toward 7 antibiotics were done by using by the diffusion method disk, and the results showed that 44 isolates (95%) were resistant to Augmantin and 38 isolates (82.6%) to Cefotaxime , tetracycline (76%), while isolates showed good sensitivity toward Imikacin, Imipenem, Aztreonam, Gentamicin. On the other hand the results showed that there is variation in the response of these isolates to antibiotics according to the environmental sites , the burns and wounds clinical samples were more susceptibal toward Augmantin and Cefotaxime, while the isolates which were taken from water, agricultural soil were sensitive towards Imikacin , Imipenem , Aztreonam , Gentamicin.

Evaluation of Liver function Tests in Normotensive and Hypertensive pregnancy.

Marwa Ibrahim Salman

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) is responsible for significant maternal and prenatal morbidity, liver function affected by this disease. Liver function tests ( LFTs ), namely S.ALP, S.AST, S.ALT, Albumin, Bilirubin and prothrombin time were evaluated in forty hypertensive pregnant women, forty healthy pregnant women along with forty aged matched non pregnant women as a control who attended to Hospital, the results showed that: S.ALP, S.AST, S.ALT and Bilirubin were significantly higher (P<0.001) in hypertensive pregnant women when compared to normotensive and control, albumin was significantly lower (P<0.001) in hypertensive pregnant when compared to normotensive and control whereas prothrombin time did not give significantly different between the studied groups.

Detection of Tetracycline Resistant Gen (tet K, tet M ) in Some Coagulase Negative Staphylococci Isolated From Different Clinical Sources In Erbil City

Khadija Kh. Barzani , Zheen A. Abdullah , Soma P

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

Thirty two isolates of coagulase negative staphylococci was isolated and identified from clinical sources ; including eight isolates (12.5%) of each of Staphylococcus hominis and Staphylococcus haemolyticus from (64) patients urine which suffering from urinary tract infection and eight isolates (16%) of each of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus auricularis from (50) ear patients which suffering from otitis in Rizgary teaching hospital in Erbil city were isolated depending on Vitek 2 compact system . The susceptibility tests by using disc diffusion agar method were determined for all isolated coagulase negative Staphylococci to 10 different antibiotics . From obtained results it was observed that all isolates were 100% sensitive to ceftriaxone and novobiocin, while higher resistance was obtained to tetracycline with percentage 50% and they showed differnt resistant to other remaining antibiotics. On the other hand, all isolated Staphylococcus hominis, Staphylococcus haemolyticus , Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus auricularis isolates were tested for tetracycline resistant genes tetK and tetM by using PCR and the results showed that 75% of Staphylococcus hominis, Staphylococcus haemolyticus and Staphylococcus epidermidis were carried tetM gene with product size about 158 bp while 50% of Staphylococcus auricularis was carried the above mentioned gen . Also it was found that 50% of Staphylococcus hominis and Staphylococcus haemolyticus isolates in this study were harboring tetK gene with product size 360?bp and no tetK gene was observed in Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus auricularis . Also the antibacterial effect of two local species of menthes against resistant isolated bacteria by using the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) method were studied . The results showed that the MIC for aqueous extract for both plants Mentha longifolia and Mentha piperita were 1600µg/ml and it were 1400µg/ml for alcoholic extract of both plants against most Staphylococcus speciese except Staphylococcus epidermidis which the MIC was 1200 µg/ml for aqueous and 1000µg/ml for alcoholic extract of Mentha piperita, while it was 1200µg/ml for both the aqueous and alcoholic extracts for Mentha longifolia.

Frequency Distribution Of ABO Blood Groups And Its Relationship With Some Chronic Disease In Iraqi Population Sample

Qabas Hussein Alawee , Louay Mohammed Abdou , Saad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

The study aimed to determine the statistical distribution of blood group, beside the studying of genotypic frequencies and allelic frequencies in various samples. Three hunderds and eighteen individuals are used as sample representative of patients with Chronic Diseases, 142 patients with Hypertension, 176 patients with Diabetes Mellitus. The results revealed that O blood group higher followed by B then A and finally AB blood group. The results also showed overcome the positive pattern of Rh+ in comparison with the negative pattern of Rh- in all samples. Allelic frequencies calculation of blood groups for these systems were showed the highest frequency was allele i followed by allele IB and allele IA for the ABO system in the three samples, And the allele dominant D showed common on the recessive allele d in all the samples studied.There is strong evidence to suggest that there is an association between ABO blood groups and certain diseases, Therefore this study investigated the possible association of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus and Hypertension with ABO type. The data were derived from 318 patient included 142 subjects hypertension, And 167 subjects had diabetes mellitus attending health centers and laboratories in Baghdad. The statistical analysis showed that there is a high significance differences and that the blood groups as possible to be an early indicator to have Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. And blood groups were compared to determined the relationship of each group with the disease, Statistical analysis showed that the O blood group have a greater risk with the disease when compared with the other groups. There is a possibility equal to the injury of the disease in people with two blood groups A and B, While the AB blood group have little chance when compared with the rest of groups, This is in the case of Hypertension. As in the case of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, The statistical analysis showed that there is a possibility equal to the injury of the disease in people with two O and B blood groups, Followed by people with A blood group, And the likelihood of injury in people with blood group AB was the least comparing to the other group.

Microbial quality and some physicochemical properties evaluating of drinking water in some residential neighborhoods in Baghdad city-Iraq

Hind H. Hassan , Ahmad J. Al-Azzawi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

Physical, chemical and a biological measurments were carried out and drinking water samples were collected from four areas Abu ghraib, Dora, Ghazaliya and Saydiya for period extended from February 2016 to September 2016, through the residential sites at different areas situated with various distances from the supplying source, three samples were taken monthly. Water temperature at sampling time was varied from 17.4°C to 30.8°C, for temperature at sampling time also. The results of pH values were within the allowable limits, ranging from 6.5 in winter to 8.2 in summer. The highest value of turbidity recorded for drinking water was in spring with 21 NTU and the lowest value was in summer with 0 NTU. The study showed that the results of TDS values ware ranged from 520 mg/L in winter to 200mg/L in spring. The highest value of residual chlorine was recorded in winter with 2.01 mg/L; the lowest value was 0.1 mg/L in spring . The current results showed an increased in the number of autotrophic bacteria, total coliform, and E. coli during winter season in most study locations as compared to those of the other seasons for drinking water . The Total plat count results of drinking water were exceed 100 cell/ml, the allowable limit for drinking water, for some samples in some sites. On the other hand, the TC, and E. coli exceeded zero cell/100ml, the allowable limits for drinking water, in some drinking water samples for some sites.

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Identification Some Transitional Element Ions Complexes for 3d Series Derived new Mannich Base of Isatin.

Araf Ismael Jabbar

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

The present work includes preparation and spectral study of some transition metal complexes of Mn,Co,Ni,Cu(II)and Zn(II)with new Mannich base Z-1-(3-methoxy phenyl amines)methl-3-(p-tolyl)indolin-2-one that behaved as donating bi dentate Lewis base via nitrogen and oxygen atoms .The new Mannich base (L)was prepared in tow step , the first is condensation of indol -2,3-dion with 4-methylaniline ,and the second followed the reachion with formaldehyde and m-anisidine.All the complexes and the Ligand have identified on the basis of C.H.N.elemental analyses , flume atomic absorption ,NMR,IR,Uv- visible ,mass spectra. Furthermore the magnetic moment by Fardy method and molar conductivity measurement in DMF solvent revealed the tetrahedral geometry of [MLCl2].n H2O formal ,n= 1,2,for Co,Ni,Cu+2 .

Preparation and Diagnosis of Pyrimidines Derivatives by Conventional And Microwave Ways.

Waleed F. AL-Hiti , Samea J. Khammase , Bushra T

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

This work includes synthesis and characterization of new derivatives of pyrimidine (R. or Ar. -1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydropyrimidin-5-yl) ethan-1-one), via the reaction of acetyl acetone with different aldehydes and guanidine hydrochloride. Using absolute ethanol as a solvent .This mixture was refluxed for (6– 20) hrs.at pH 6 we prepared .The same derivatives of pyrimidine were prepared in microwave way. This compounds were prepared characterized by melting point, FT-IR , UV-Vis and some of the with 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopy .

Design and Optimization of Antireflection Coating Performance for UV Spectrum by Use CdS Nanoparticles on Si Substrate

Bashar M. Salih , Asmat R. Abdul-Gaffor

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

In this study, the optical properties of CdS as a function of nanoparticle size were calculated and investigated and it's used in design theory for single-layer Antireflection coatings at a quarter wave thickness at ?o in the UV spectrum range of 300-400 nm. Silicon have been selected as substrate. MATLAB language programs with version of 7.11.0 were used to describe the reflectance as a function of particle size, refractive indexes, energy gap and the wavelength at normal and oblique incidence which are depending on Brus model and Characteristic Matrix theory as a basic theory.The coating design (Air/Nano CdS/Si) by was obtained at a lower value of (0.0093%) at the incident angle of 0° with wavelength of 350 nm and particle size of (Ps = 3 nm). These coating are promising for solar cell application.

Synthesis and stabilization of gold nanoparticles by inverse reduction method using sodium citrate and sodium boro hydride as reducing agent

Adawiya J. Haider , Dhelal A. Shabeeb , Abdulla

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

In recent decades, observed focus largely on the preparation of nano metallic elements, including the gold because of its unique properties and many applications. In most of these researches, the Turkevich' method has been adopted. This method is based on the reduction of gold ion Au3+ to the nano gold Au0 by the addition of a reducing agent to the gold salt H[AuCl4].3H2O. In this research, a novel simple and cost-effective technique is enhanced via the addition of the gold ion (Au3+) to the decreasing agent in opposite to the previous method. This is the cause to call it "The inverse method". In this inverse method one can control the amount of gold salt solution that add and stop this addition by observing the formation of the red color, which indicates the formation of gold nanoparticles(GNPs).Many reactions were conducted to prepare stable gold nanoparticles by usingchemical reducing agents such as (sodium tri-citrate, sodium borohydride),The reactions to prepare GNPs using these reducing agents were done at temperature of 60 – 80 °C.The resulted GNPs were characterized by UV- Vis spectra, zeta potential, atomic force microscope(AFM), scanning electron microscope(SEM), and transmission electron microscope(TEM).The absorption spectrum of the red GNPs solution appeared at the range of 520-540 nm. The gold nanoparticles which formed from various reactions have different shapes but the most prominent form is the spherical, and the sizes have also been different and appeared at the range of 14.5- 44 nm, which are consistent with published researches.

Using the Extended-Rydberg Function to Study Some of Spectral Properties of Some Molecules

Adil N. Ayyash

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , Volume:10 Issue:1

In this work, (Extended-Rydberg function) has been used to determine the values of the energy and the form of the energy curve and some Spectral characteristics of some Germanium-Tetrahalides (GeBr4 and GeI4) by depending on dissociation energy, bond length at equilibrium and by changing bond lengths between (Ge-Br), (Ge-I). Our calculation has been done using semi-empirical quantum programs (PC Model, Winmopac7.21, and Hyperchem ) with MNDO/PM3 method which takes a short period of time comparing with (ab-initio). The spectral properties as modes, vibration frequencies, intensities and Symmetry have been calculated for each mode at equilibrium. Also, the total energy, dipole moment, zero point energy and molecular weight have been calculated by Winmopac 7.21 program. Also, HOMO energy, LUMO energy, ionization potential and electron affinity have been determined in the results.