2009, volume:3 issue:1

A Coding-Based Steganography Using Multiple Frequency Domains

Omed Salim Khalind, Ahmed Tariq Sadiq--- Raoof Sm

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:In this paper, a new technique for hiding text in a bitmap images will be present. The technique based on using an index of the dictionary representing the characters of the secret messages instead of the characters themselves. The technique uses multiple frequency domains for embedding these indexes in an arbitrary chosen bitmap image. By using discrete cosine transform DCT, discrete wavelet transform DWT, and a combination of both of them. ِA software package for implementing this technique are built and we got very good results in terms of capacity of hiding, imperceptibility which are the most two important properties of steganography, the time of hiding the text, and the security issues.

A New Steganography Approach depending on Isolation Curve in Digital Images.

Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

result, protecting the whole document from being regenerated by any counterfeiting person. The main goal of this paper is combining the curve security concepts with information hiding techniques in order to increase the capabilities of steganography techniques. This paper produced a new data hiding approach for embedded data (text or image …etc) in a digital image by using the gaps locations that generated between curves points, which has isolated parametric curve. Parameterization techniques are greatly affects on curve shape and adds a security features that difficult predict by any counterfeiter. The proposed algorithm will be increased Variable Incremental Growth that rises in parametric Lagrange curve in order to reach robust method for hiding data in digital images. The proposed method was implemented on different sizes of digital images and the results of the proposed

An Automatic System to Grade Multiple Choice Questions paper based exams

Ammar Awny Abbas

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:The use of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) in paper based exams is a very popular choice in the international certificate exams (like TOEFL) because it is very fast to grade and it does not let the student write any unnecessary information. In international tests, a specialized machine is used for grading MCQ paper based exams, this machine is very expensive and it needs a special trained operator to operate the machine correctly and efficiently. This project suggests a method to use a personal computer plus a scanner and a program written in Matlab programming language to grade a specially designed MCQ exam test paper with 15 questions with four choices for each question which the student can choose only one answer per question. The program has been tested to detect the correct answers by comparing each paper with a pre scanned test paper that contains the correct answers, many forms of test papers are used to answer different sets real questions for a real exam that has been conducted in the computer center in the Baghdad University and shown to produce results that matches the results gained from grading the same papers manually. The program is written in such a way that it can tolerate rotating the papers in the scanning operation using the process of image registration, any kind of pencil can be used to make the correct answer no matter its color. The program can detect question with multiple choices and eliminate them from calculations

Intestinal Bacteria in the University of Basrah fish ponds, Iraq

Khalidah S. Al-Niaeem , Nadera K. Al-Salim --- N

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Total bacterial load, total coliforms and faecal coliforms in ponds water and sediments, intestine of common carp Cyprinus carpio and birds faeces were investigated monthly over a period of one year from May 2007 to April 2008. Fish were collected randomly by a cast net from ponds of University of Basra. Total viable bacterial counts were ranging from 2.8،?1.9 x 101 to 7.0،?2.2 x 103 cfu ml -1 in ponds water, 4.2،?2.2 x 104 to 3.8،?2.5 x 106 cfu g -1 in ponds sediments, 9.2،?2.6 x 104 to 10.9،?2.5 x 106 cfu g -1 fish intestine and 2.0،?1.4x 106 to 10.7،?1.2 x 108 cfu g-l in birds faeces. The most probable number (MPN) of faecal coliforms ranged from 94،?5 to ،ـ920،?0 100 ml-1 in ponds water; while MPN ranges in sediment, common carp intestine and birds faeces were 63،?18 to ،ـ540،?0 g-l, 43،?5 to ،ـ540،?0 g-l and 240،?22 to ،ـ540،?0 g-l respectively. The abundance of normal bacteria coliforms was greater in the warm months than in the cold months. There were no sources of human faecal matter in the ponds. So, it is clear that faecal coliforms from water birds faeces significantly contaminated (P< 0.05) the ponds and common carp intestines.

Isolation of Ps. aeruginosa and study of resistance to some antibiotics and ability to pyocins production.

Salah S. Zain-Al-Abeddin , Sohaib S. Qaseem ---

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The study involved the isolation and identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa , thirty four (34)isolates obtained from (77)samples that were collected from patients attending Kirkuk General Hospital and (2) isolates obtained from (33) samples that were collected from hospital environment and (24) isolates were collected from Kirkuk City environment. The results demonstrated that the pathogenic isolates were resistant to Cefazolin and Carbenicillin by(97.22)%, where as isolates from Kirkuk City environment were resistant to Cefazolin , Carbenicillin and Cefatoxim by (100% , 95.5% , 91.6%) respectively. The results revealed that in Psudomonas aeruginosa the dominant pattern of multiple antibiotic resistance were (PY,CZ,CTX,CN,TOB) The results obtained showed that one isolates has inhibitory activity against Staphylococcus aureus . This isolates could possibly be as one of the pyocin producing isolates without using any stimulators

Changes in liver functions tests during pregnancy

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon associated with many physiological changes that assist the nurturing and survival of the fetus, liver function affected by these changes. A prospective study carried out to assess serum level of routine Liver Function Test (LFTs) which included Alb, T.S.B, S.ALT, S.AST, S.ALP and Prothrombin time in ninety pregnant women, thirty women in each trimester of pregnancy and thirty aged matched non pregnant women as a control group who attended to Al-Ramadi General Hospital for Maternity and Children. The results were as follows: S. Alb and T.S.B levels were significantly lower (P<0.001) during all three trimesters as compared to controls. S.ALP activity was significantly higher in third and second trimester (P<0.001) than in controls. SALT activity was significantly higher (P?0.05) in third trimester than in controls. While serum AST activity and prothrombin time did not give significant differences between pregnant and non-pregnant women

Bacterial Indole acetic acid ( IAA ) production by using local media and test its efficiency on soyabean plant

Jamal. S. Hommod , Idham, A.Abed --- Hammad F. Naw

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

This study was included isolation and identification of bacterial isolates for growth promoter production ( Indol Acetic Acid ) by application of local culture and evaluate its efficiency. According to this perpoute bacterial isolates were collected and examined for their ability to indol production.The local media used included dry powder of legume, bean ,soyabean , seed and milk powder. Its also was tested the effect of edition of supplements to the culture such as treptophan ,N. broth , glucose , N and P on indol production optimum condition was included to increase production efficincy .The ability of selection isolate for iron chelating natural, phosphate disolveing , Nitrogen fexation were tested.Applied biological expermints has been done in order to evalution the efficincy of indol production in compantion with industrial indol and also the efficincy for the selection isolates and their filteration the effect on the implantation of sow seed and groth of soyabeen which suffering from the prescence and distribution of Rhizopia espelially from lraqi soil .This study have the following results :-18 isolates were obtain cupable for them indol production ( 30 from total isolates) 14 isolats were nodulan bacteria .8 isolates which have high efficancy in indol production were tested six isolates tended to Rhizopium and two isolate to Pseudomonus in next screening used culture with special condation , two isolates Pssp2S ,Rsp8RA were selected to be used in the indol production growth on Local culture supplements The results of optimum condition study showded the best indol production acharied 41.9& 42.8 mg IAA / l respecivly This study improved the ability of selection isolates to alchelating compouned CAS from blue to pink colum with 4.5 – 5.8 min. of Ps.sp2S and Rsp8RA respectively.Their isolates have ability to phosphate dissolved in the medium with diametr range dissolving 6.25 – 11.75 mm respectively , and the ,Rsp8RA isolate has ability to nitrogen fixation in the medium with avarge of 3.65 N / L whil the Ps.sp2S doesn't able to nitrogen fixation . Result of applied biological experiment showed an increased treatment of two isolates mixture Rsp8RA , PssP2S with their filterated achaived inclues in : A-Characters of vegetative group that achaived high avarge for branching ( 4.37 ) height of plant ( 81.2 cfu/ ml and leaf area 78.4cm ) ,persente of chlorophyll ( 39.6% ), dry weight (51.2 g) Nitrogen and Phosphours yield in plant ( 491, 1020 mg ) respectively . B- Root characters were achaived high avarge the number of noduls (56.3 noduli) . weight of root group ( 10.4 gm ). c- Soil characters after sowing were achaived high average of nitrogen and phosphorus in soil (166 – 18.4 mg / kg soil) respectively and high microbial population in soil ( 7.82 Log cfu/ ml ).

Study of some Biological and Ecological aspects of the fly Chrysomya albiceps (WIEDEMANN)(DIPTERA; CALLIPHORIDAE)

Suhad Y. Jassim , --- Razzaq sh. Augul

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The effects of temperature on some biological aspects of Chrysomya albiceps (Wied.) were studied. The incubation, larval and pupation periods as well as mortality were calculated at constant temperature and relative humidity. The temperature 30Co was preferable to egg and larval stages, whereas the 32Co was preferred for pupal stage.Sex-ratio was affected by temperature, the results declared that male emergence of high rate compared with the female in each treatment, but this rate decreased gradually with the increase of temperature.The adults which were reared at laboratory temperature of 24Co appeared to have increased longevity in both sexes, but the female did not deposit egg ; while 30 Co was preferable for fly for egg deposition.

Effect of body weight and acclimated temperature on the respiration physiology on seawater snail Planaxis sulcatus

Su’adod Osama Al-khateeb

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

This study was designed in Marine Sciences station (Aqaba) during the period September 2000 to October 2001 . The study of the effect of body weight on the metabolic rate revealed the presence of a proportional relationship between the metabolic and body weight and the presence of inverse relationship between the metabolic and body weigh.In snails acclimated to 10 ?C, 20 ?C, and 30 ?C, the Weight specific metabolic rate was influenced by both acclimation as well as experimental temperature. Thus, the oxygen consumption rate increased 1n 10 ?C acclimated snail from 44 µl O2. g?¹ . hr? ¹ to 105 µl O2. g?¹ . hr? ¹ As a result of increasing the experimental temperature from 10 ?C to 30. ?C In 20 and 30 ?C acclimated snail, and as a result of increasing the experimental temperature from 10 to 30, the weight specific oxygen consumption rates increased (20 ?C and 30 ?C ) from 40 µl O2. g?¹ . hr? ¹ to 88 and 35 to 85 µl O2. g?¹ . hr? ¹ Respectively. Snails acclimated to 10 ?C ,20 ?C and 30 ?C showed Precht s type 3 normal the(partial) compensation in weight specific oxygen consumption rate , since at all experiment temperatures , the highest oxygen consumption rate was observed in 10 ?C Acclimated animals, whereas the lowest rate was observed in 30 ?C acclimated snails

Tolerance determination of Four wheat Cultivars to different Levels of Salinity

Abd ul – Lateef M. Ali , Hamdi J. Hamadi--- Mohem

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

A pot study was implemented at Al _ Dawar Research Station during 2005-2006 according to R-C-B-D arranged as split plots with five replicates . four wheat Cultivars (IpA99، Sham 6 ، Tamooz and Abu- Graib ) were used as main treatments and five salinity levels (3 , 6 , 9 , 12 and 15 ds/m as secondary treatment . The aim of the study was to evaluate four wheat cultivars tolerance to different levels of sallnity . Result showed that yield and its components decreased with elevating salt level , especially at 12 and 15 ds/m . moreover , there were differences exist between cultivars ( IpA 99 and Sham6 ) were the most tolerant comparing with other cultivars

Synthesis of Calcium-Zincon Complex and Exploitation it in the Assembly of Calcium Ion-Selective Electrode.

Khmees A. Al-Eesawi , Ismail K. Al-Hitti --- Kai

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

A new calcium ion-selective electrode was assembled from complex synthesized by calcium ion and zincon which doped in pvc with suitable mediator and solvent . The prepared complex was identified by UV- Visible and IR spectrophotometry. The new electrode was characterized by its high slope (29.55 ±0.02 mV/decade) compared with calcium phosphate electrode (26.67±0.022 mV/decade) and long lifetime (10 months) . The linear range of the electrode was 10-5-10-1M and the detaction limit was 10-5M . Response time was in the range of 20-60 seconds depending on the concentration of the solution and the lifetime of the electrode. The electrode was linearly working at a pH of (5-10). Most of anions were severely interfered and these were exploited to determine calcium and the anions in precipitation titrations . Cations were slightly interfered especially at high interferent concentrations . The new electrode was applied for the determination of calcium in tap water which offered excellent results compared with flame emission photometric method .

Produce the single cell protein (SCP) by the solid culture method from Schanginia aegyptiaca wastes with Aspergillus niger and use in feeding of carp fish (Cyprinus carpi)

Ahmed Sh. A Lafi --- Daffer F. Al-Rawii , Idham A

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The study was conducted to produce the single cell protein and to increase the content of Schanginia aegyptiaca wastes from the parent microbial protein was to grow isolates from (Aspergillus niger) by the use of nutrient media of Schanginia aegyptiaca powder and wastes of dairy factories and dates wastes by using incubators and solid fermentation. The suitable conditions for production such as components media, percentage of support materials, time of incubation and best isolate for production were determined. Yield components of single cell protein were checked. The yield, was then used in specified ratios of replacement for the vegetable protein in the preparation of carp fish (Cyprinus carpi) food. The results were as follows:- 1-Obtaining 10 local isolates inhabiting Schanginia aegyptiaca, three of them were selected depending on the ratio of growth diameter which ranged between (5.60-6.40) cm on PDA media, The Is-8 isolate has been selected and diagnosed to belong to fungi A. niger-P8 with A. niger-S isolate. 2-Wetting the powder media of Schanginia aegyptiaca with Whey and extract of dates wastes and fermented in a solid culture doubled the percentage of the protein in the media up to (5) times. The highest percentage 8.14% was obtained when wetting withWhey and by the use of A. niger-P8 isolate. 3-The produced protein contained low percentage of nucleic acids RNA and DNA. The totals of their percentage were 5.18% and 5.32% in liquid culture protein, and 3.10% and 3.72% in solid culture protein for A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S isolates, respectively, revealed that production are free from toxins. 4- The microbial protein produced contained 15 amino acids. The rates of the amino acids were 64.95 and 63.39 g/100g of protein, the analysis of the microbial protein showed the highest content of Aspartic; 14.29 and 12.32 g/100g of protein for A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S isolates, respectively. 5-The percentage of replacement 50% of Soya bean with the microbial protein A. niger-P8 produced gave the highest rate in the weight of carp Cyprinus carpi 26.22 g per fish after 35 days of feeding with a difference 5.7% compared to control treatment.

Study the Effect of Epoxy Additives on Some Physical Properties of Asphalt Cement

SalimM.A. Al-ani --- Thamer J. Ahmed , Taher M.A.

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:In the series of study on the asphalt cement to improve properties of asphalt cement several polymers materials are used for this purpose. In this study Epoxy used at different percentage by weight (1, 2, 4 and 6) %. Epoxy was added in three cases, pure Epoxy and the other two cases were mixing of Catalyst-Epoxy by weight in the two ratio (1:3) and (1:4).The effect of additives on the asphalt cement properties are evaluated by penetration test (ASTM D-5)(10), softening point test (ASTM D-2398)(10), and Kinematics viscosity test (ASTM D-2170)(10). Temperature susceptibility of asphalt cement was evaluated by using Penetration viscosity number ( PVN ). The study shows that Epoxy, 1:3 Epoxy and 1:4 Epoxy additives have more effect on the physical properties of asphalt cement and make asphalt softer than original asphalt cement, the additives reduced the temperature susceptibility, but Epoxy have more reduction in the susceptibility of asphalt cement compared with 1:3 Epoxy and 1:4.

Study of Antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli isolated from childrens

Amera Ali Ahmed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

one hundred and five bacteria from Escherichia coli were isolated from cases of diarrhea in children of both sexes, less than five years aged of both hospitalized and in out patient clinic in Ibn- Alather Hospital in Mosul city , the case was determined by sex, the study showed that the rate of case in males was higher than in females (51.61%), (33.06%) respectively. the sensitivity of E. coli to (13) antibiotics were studied. The isolated bacteria showed to resistance more than one antibiotic, it gave high resistance for Trimethoprim (34.67%), and for Ampicillin (33.06%), Amoxicillin (27.41%). It showed intermediate resistance for Gentamicin (20.16%), the resistance to Nalidix acid and Cefixim was (18.54%) for both while it was (16.12%) for Cefotaxime and (16.9%) for Cephalexin, and (14.5%) for Tetracycline, while it showed low resistence for Amikicin (13.22%) and Sulfinamide and Carbenicillin (2.41%) and for chloramp the resistance was (8.08%)

Spectral Study of some Charge Transfer Complexes Derived from Schiff base of 3- Methoxy -4-hydroxy benzaldehyde with some Electrone acceptors.

Laila A. Jubur--- Abdul-Rahman K. Abdul-Hussain

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

:A new series of Schiff bases were obtained by condensation of 3- methoxy -4-hydroxy benzaldehyde (vanillin) with seven aromatic amine .These bases were identified by infrared spectra and melting point . The effect of the substituents (x) on the amino ring has been studied . The charge transfer complexes (CTC) of the Schiff bases as a donor molecules with various electron acceptors as(DDQ ,P-CA ,O-CA ,-m-Dn and PF (used for the first time as acceptor) in methylene chloride and methanol (solvent ) were estimated , the physical parameters of the CT complexes were calculated by applying the Benesi –Hildebrands equation for 1:1 CT complexes . The study also involved precipitation of one Schiff bases (1)with three electron acceptors as CT complexes and identified these complexes by IR ,melting point, UV-visible and the colures .

The Effect of Cement Dust on the Activity of GOT , GPT and ALK Enzymes in Al-Qaim Cement Factory Workers

Ziad Khazer Abdul Razaaq --- Haitham Latef Abd

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

This research was conducted on a random sample of (58) individuals , (38) of them were directly exposed to cement dust . They were distributed according to units into (9) in oven department , (17) individuals in cement grinding department and (12) in packaging department . Ten individuals were indirectly exposed to cement dust and (10) individuals from inhabitants in villages and suburbs represented the control group . The study aimed at exploring the effect of exposure to cement dust and its side-effect on the activity of (ALK , GPT and GOT) chemobiological parameters of workers in Al- Qaim cement factory , as well as the effect of smoking on increasing the activity these enzymes . Results of the study indicated a significant increases (p<0.05) in the values of GOT (8.1 I.U/L) , GPT (7.4 I.U/L) and ALK (8.2 I.U/L) in direct exposure group . Their values in indirect (administrative) group were ; GOT (5.62 I.U/L) , GPT (7.90 I.U/L) and ALK (7.58 I.U/L) in comparison with the control group which were (3.8 , 2.1 , 3.7 I.U/L) , respectively . In addition to this , the results revealed that the effect of cement dust increased with age and the time duration of exposure to pollutants (cement dust) . These represented the effect of the length of service duration on the value of the activity these enzymes . Moreover , smoking was influential and led to an increase in the activity these enzymes values in smoking working in comparison with non-smoking workers

Analytical Comparision Study for Asphalt and Water of Heet Sulphurous Springs

Bashar A. Mahmood , Ayad A .Muttar --- Tahseen A.

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The research involves the study of the asphalt , water and the possibility of ions leaching from asphalt to water released out of three mineral springs in Heet city , namely , Khalidia village , Hay Al-khader and hay Al- shuhadaa . The physical properties of the asphalt were syudied , like , penetration , softening point , flash point , ductility , solubility , ash content and specific gravity . The UV and IR spectra were recorded and compared with that of (oil asphalt) which left behind the oil refinery process . The results show an agreement in the properties of the springs asphalt compared with that of oil asphalt this conclusion was supported by the UV and IR spectra. The physical and chemical properties of springs water were also studied , i. c. the measurement of pH , conductivity, suspended sediments , dissolved solid , turbidity , Total hardness, concentration of calcium , potassium, magnesium , ammonium , sodium , sulphate , phosphate, sulphide , chloride and fluoride ions were determined and it seems that the concentration of most ions is higher than standard limits which means that it is not possible to use it as drinking water but can be used for agriculture purposes after certain treatment . The spring asphalt show an ability of storing ions inside its layers and can be leach out to surronding water as time passing


Sattar S. Ibrahim--- Ismail K. Al-Hitti

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Sufficient amounts of caffeine were extracted from Kabbos and Wazzah tea leaves, while traces of caffeine were found in green tea leaves which may be due to unriped tea leaves. Extracted caffeine was identified by UV and IR spectroscopy which offered spectra matching precisely the standard caffeine crystals which confirmed the purity of caffeine and the efficiency of extraction methods. Moderate amounts of sodium, potassium and calcium were found in the three types of tea leaves while lithium was found in traces. The results indicated the presence of necessary elements for the metabolic activities of tea plants and humans who take tea drink with their meals.

Synthesis and Characterization of two Closed Side Oxadiazole ligands with their Related Complexes Cu( II ) and Pd(II)

Hikmat A. mohamad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The two oxadiazole new ligands of bis oxadiazol derivatives, have been synthesized by the reaction of (L1)and , oxadiazol-2yl] methane (L2.) with adibic acid in presence of ethnolic solution of potassium hydroxide. The mixture was refluxed for eight hours. The ligands were characterized using IR 1H.NMR13C-NMR and mass spectroscopies .The ( L3 ) was used to synthesize complexes with metals Cu( II ) and pd(II ) . The complexes were studied and identified using IR, UV-VIS spectra and molar conductivity, magnetic susceptibility and atomic absorption techniques. The results exhibited that all complexes have an octahedral

Study of Inhibition Effect of Three Pyrimidine Derivatives on Growth of Human Epidermoid Larynx Carcinoma Cell Line (Hep-2) (In vitro)

RashedM. Rashed --- Hammed H. Ali

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

he present paper included a study of the inhibitory effect of three pyrimidine derivatives (6-amino 1,3dimethyl uracil (6-admu), 2'-deoxythmidine (dthy) and 6-(phenylazo)-cytidine (phazocyt)) in comparison with the medical compound (6-MP) as a standard anti cancer on the inhibition of the growth of cancer cell line of Hep-2 (Human epidermoid larynx carcinoma) In vitro. Results have shown significant differences of a probability level (p<0.001), compared with 6-MP compound of (phazocyt and 6-admu), while (dthy) compound did not show any significant differences at the same level of probability (p>0.001). When comparing the inhibitory effect of concentrations within the single compound, we notice significant differences of the probability level (p<0.001), starting from the first treatment (62.5mg/ml) of (dthy) and (phazocyt) compounds. (6-admu) compound showed a significant effect in the last treatment. Result have revealed that the two compounds (dthy, phazocyt) have greater effect in comparison with 6-MP compound within (125mg/ml) concentration. Also, values of lethal inhibition concentration of (IC50) and lethal concentration of 90% of cells (IC90) were extracted.

Synthesis a Number of Triazene Compounds Derived From Purine and Studying their Biological Activity on Pathogenic Bacteria

Ahmed .M. Mohamed , Yousif. H. Khalaf --- Hameed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

In this research a number of compounds were prepared by coupling dizonium salts with purine bases. The structures of the prepared compounds were identified by ultra violet ,infra red spectra and Elemental (C.H.N) analysis .The biological activity of these compounds was investigated on five genera of pathogenic bacteria: S. aureus , Str. viridans , Ps. aeruginosa , E. coli and Sh. dysenteriae using Disc diffusion method. Also the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was calculated .It was found that these compounds have medium biological effect against these genera of bacteria


Wajeh Y. Al-ani , Ayad F. Darwish --- Mohamed Q.

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The aim of the present study is to investigate the role of chemical changes of the seminal fluid in the fertility of oligospermic men. We evaluated the role of spermatozoal creatine kinase enzyme and seminal plasma alkaline phosphatase, Acid phosphatase, total protein, albumin, uric acid, calcium, chloride, inorganic phosphate, createnine and fructose in oligospermic patients and their relation to sperm count and activity in 62 individuals ( 42 infertile oligospermic, and 20 normal fertile volunteers) , and we subdivided the oligospermia to three subgroups (Mild ,Moderate, Severe Oligospermia). Results: Creatine kinase:-there was a significant increase in the spermatozoal CK in the oligospermic group as compared to normal group there was a significant increase in CK levels with decreasing motility. Alkaline phosphatase (ALP): there was a significant decrease in ALP activity in the oligospermia as compared to normal group, but no change observed related to motility. Fructose: there was a significant increase in the level of seminal plasma fructose in oligospermic group as compared with normospermic. Within the oligosoermic group and there was a negative correlation between fructose concentration and motility. There was no significant change observed in Acid phosphatase, Total protein, albumin Uric acid, Calcium, Chloride, Inorganic phosphate and Createnine.

A New Method of Halogenation of Aromatic Compounds

Marwan M. Farhan ,

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

: A halogenation of eleven aromatic compounds using a new method for iodination of activated aromatic compounds is presented. The reaction of one mole of aromatic compound with a mixture of one mole Potassium iodide and two moles Potassium sulfate in the presence of hydrochloric acid gives mono iodo aromatic compounds in high yields. The products have been identified by (I.R) spectrally and also by quantitative elemental analysis. In conclusion, a convenient and versatile procedure for iodination of activated aromatic compounds has been reported. In this method, neither harmful reagents are used nor toxic residues are left after completion of the reaction. Thus, these iodination reactions are indeed, environmentally benign. In each case, mono iodination was identified with high yields.

Document Skew Detection and Correction Algorithm using Wavelet and Radon Transforms

F.A. Al-adhadh --- Abdul Monem S. Rahma --- Hilal

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:As part of research into document image processing, an algorithm has been developed to detect and correct the degree of skew in a scanned image. The principal components of the algorithm are the wavelet and radon transforms. The wavelet transform is used as a form of down-sampling process to reduce the amount of data to be processed. The performance of the algorithm has been evaluated using a sample size of several images taken from different types of document. Evaluation shows that a skew angle may be detected and corrected.

Dimensionality reduction in data from LASER applications

Imad H.Aboud --- Qassim M. Jameel

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Redundant variables not only in LASER applications, but in all experimental works are disturbing statistical analysis as a result of highly correlation among them. It is not easy sometimes to identify which set of variables is redundant and which one is retained. In addition, consideration of huge sets of variables will make it difficult to point out the joint effects of any subset of variables on a certain phenomenon. It is well know that continuous variables can be transformed into a discrete (categorical) form depending on predefined intervals, thus, the categorical principal component analysis was adopted here in this paper to identify the discarded set of variables when the data contained some variability. The effect of identifying groups of retained variables was compared by observing the natural grouping of elements using single linkage clustering of elements

Study of some Physical properties of basalt – clay mixes

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Jordanian basalt was added to China clay on different mixes up to 60% by weight. Some of physical properties were studied. Mixes basalt showed a remarkable increase in density with increasing basalt addition. Porosity was the property greatly affected with increasing the firing temperature. Maximum reduction in porosity was observed at high firing temperature for all mixes and this will cause increase in hardness values. The different phases were determined by X–ray analysis. The expansion coefficient decreases with the increase of the basalt content. No significant differences of the heating rate are observed on the properties of the thermal expansion after firing at 1100°C for all mixes

The relationship between the electrical strength of electrolytes.

Ikbal S. Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The relation between the electrical conductivity (?) and the Ionic strength (I) of strong bi-charge electrolytes like (sodium soleplate and potassium soleplate) were studied over range of concentrations (from 0.01 to 1.00)mol. The electrical conductivity of such ions measured then the ionic strength calculated. A new mathematical formula deduced from this experimental results, which is: I=F* ? Where is F, the proportional factor. This equation can give the ionic strength directly over a limited range of concentrations with high accuracy and short time. The ionic strength of solutions formed of two components with common negative ion was studied. A tremendous decrease of the conductivity occurred independently from increasing the ionic strength, compared with those calculated from using the general law of the electrical conductivity of electrolytes: = ? 1 2 2 1 I 1 Z C This phenomenon attributed to the effect of doubly charged common ion of the salt and the relaxation effect of the solvent. The calculated ionic strength based on this suggested experimental mathematical equation was in good agreement with those calculated by using Deby-Huckel law.

Calculation of the nuclear properties of Erbium 98 166 68Er nucleus by using IBM-1 and VMI model

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The aim of the present work is to study some nuclear features of Erbium ( 98 166 68 Er ) such as energy levels E(J), energy transition E?, band crossing, and back bending phenomena in the mass region(A=166,and total number of bosons N=15)of the dynamical symmetry SU(3)-O(6) using interacting boson model version-1(IBM-1) and a variable moment of inertia model(VMI) In this study, we determined the most appropriate Hamiltonian that is needed for the present calculations of deformed understudy nucleus; these calculations have been estimated by best-fitting to the measured energies level. The IBM-1 results have been compared with the previous experimental and theoretical (VMImodel) data and it was observed that they are agreed in the most of the states. The predictions from the VMI model are more accurate than those of the IBM

The Study of the Effect of Artemisia herba-alba Leaves Extractson Growth of L. major. Promastigotes.

Oqba Nafi'a Al-Shaye'a

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The study was conducted with the effect of aqueous, alcoholic and crude extracts of Artemisia herbaalba Leaves against L. major. Promastigotes.The concentration of 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 mg/ml of aqueous extract had stronger effect against L. major. Promastigotes giving growth index equal to zero percent after four days of cultivation, while the concentration of 1, 10, 100 mg/ml of alcoholic extract give growth index equal to zero percent after five days of cultivation and the concentration of 10 and 100 mg/ml of crude extract give a good effect with growth index equal to zero after five days of cultivation

Magnetic Depth Estimation for Dyke-Like Bodies by Using Fraser Filter – A New Scheme

Fitian R. Al-Rawi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract: Depth estimation for dyke like bodies has been investigated through using Fraser filter. The procedure consists of applying Fraser filter to magnetic profiles data due to dyke-like sources. Three ways of calculation are followed to estimate the depths of these bodies and good results with low percentage errors are achieved. Firstly, defining the width of the profile at two third of maximum amplitude of the residual filtered out data gives directly the depth to the top of the body. Secondly, plotting filtered data values at various levels of amplitudes against distances between points of these levels at the two lines of maximum slopes of the residual profile give a straight slope line. A projection line from the amplitude axis at two third value of maximum amplitude to the slope line read directly at distance axis the depth to the top of the body. Thirdly, the zero crossover distance defined on the plot of filtered data against distance divided by two gives directly the depth to the top of the body.Low percentage errors are found by applying the three ways, although there are small variations between them, most values are too low. This method of depth estimation is also applied to published field example and the result is too good. The procedure is simply applied and it gives a reliable and accepted depth values compared with actual depth values of the dyke-like bodies. The present procedure can be considered as a new scheme for depth estimation of magnetic sources if one considers the low percentage errors and the success of the results particularly in mid latitudes.

Preparation of SnO2 thin films and study of some of their electrical properties at different substrate and annealing temperatures.

Saeed. N.Turkey --- Raad S. Sabri

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:Thin film of SnO2 were prepared by thermal chemical spray deposition technique at different substrate temperatures ( 350 ,450 ,550 ) °C and prepared samples were annealed for 30 minutes at different annealing temperatures ( 300,400) °C . the D.C conductivity was studied , and there were two activation energies for the prepared films , and also two mechanisms of conductivity , first at low temperatures and the second at high temperatures. The activation energies looked to be increased at annealing temperature 200 °C and decreased at annealing temperature 300 °C.

The Numerical Solution for Energy Levels for Harmonic Oscillator and Perturbation Parameters (?, g, µ, ?, I ,N ,M

Abdul-Adeem Z. Hameed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

he study of energy levels for Harmonic Oscillator a one-dimensional are calculated by eigenvalues and eigenenergy for Schrodinger equation ( ; , , ) ( ) 0 2 2 = ? û ù êë é - +V x g -E x dx d L b l a j for rational potentials V1(x, N,l, g ) = x2 + lx2N /(1+ gx2 ) and V2 ± (x,?,I,N,M,g,a) = mx2I ? gx2n /(1+ gax2M ) ,using finit difference . we compare our calculations with those calculated by other techniques for some values of g, ? , the finit difference technique in general yields better accuracy in results. We study several sets of perturbation parameters (?, g, ? ), state numbers n and different indices of the perturbation ( I ,N ,M )

A fuzzy logic approach to infer reservoir permeability from depth and porosity measurements for Mishrif limestone Formation at Nasyria Oil Field, south of Iraq

AmnahM. Handhel --- AlaaM. Atiaa

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

This study explores the application of Takagi- Sugeno fuzzy inference system to predict reservoir permeability form depth and porosity measurements for Mashrif Formation in Nasyria Oil Field, south of Iraq. The models developed intend to describe the non-linear relationship between depth and porosity as inputs and permeability as output. A total of 206 core samples from three exploration wells (Ns-2, Ns-3, and Ns-5) were used to build a fuzzy model. Input data were divided into two groups including training set (170 data points) which represent the Ns-2 and Ns-3 wells; and testing set (36 data points which represent Ns-5). All membership functions and IF-THEN rules of the inference system were derived by using subtractive clustering technique. The performance of the model was measured by using degree of determination. The results of this study indicate that fuzzy logic technique is suitable to infer permeability from depth and porosity measurements alone without the need for the very expensive coring process. The calculated degree of determination was 0.98 for testing data set. A few core permeability and porosity measurements are required first to build fuzzy model and the fuzzy inference engine predict permeability for other sites of the field by knowing depth and porosity inputs which can be taken from conventional well logs data

Measure of Thermoelectric Power of CdSe Thin Films that Prepared with Different Depositions Rate.

Raad Saedon Sabri

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

In this paper CdSe thin films have been prepared deposited on galas substrate by thermal evaporation technique at thickness 250 nm with different depositions rate ( 0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1,1.2) nm/s and substrate temperatures ( Ts) (300,373,423,473)K . Thermoelectric power were measured to this films ,Seebak coefficient and activation energy were evaluated, the results shows that all films were of n-type conductivity and activation energy increases with dispositions rate and substrate temperature films prepared at 0.8 nm/s with 425 K and 1.2 nm/s with Ts (425 ,475 ) K , except that they were of p-type conductivity .

Effect temperature on the isolators properties electerical to sampeles unsaturated polyster.

Waleed B. Salih

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

The effects of annealing at temperatures (80?,50?,30?) on the pure unsaturated polyester . Have been studied though the electric properties: impedance, dielectric constant, loss factor and a|.c . conductivity .the effects of annealing caused decreasing in impedance and increasing in dielectric constant loss factor as well as in a c conductivity these changes can be attributed due to the crosslinking to the molecular structure of the polymer.

12CO ( 1-0 ) Molecular in Central Region of Markarian Galaxiesstatistic study


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

From 2.6mm line of 12CO ( 1-0 ) molecular we utilize from data of 72 spceimens of Markarian galaxies have IR luminosity (Lfir ~ 1010L? ) and inclination < i > between( 0o – 74.4o ) to investigation starformation activity from study of Hydrogen molecular ( H2 ) properties wherfrom estimation its abundunce and mass then prediction that most of molecular gas concetrate in central region of the samples , where ( CO,H2 ) look at as important tool to study galaxies structure and activities due to of staformation and its relation with other variables.Whereas most sample is late type spiral galaxies , our study emphasize that most interstellar molecular gas is ( H2 ) that can’t observed easly exept by study of CO distribution or Luminosity ( Lco

z-Compact spaces

Atallah Th. Al-Ani

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Lindelof spaces, using multifunctions, are given.Our main results are .A space X is z-compact iff for every space Y and z-closed graph multifunction on X into Y the image of every z-closed set in X, is closed in Y. A space X is z-Lindelof iff for every P-space Y and z-closed graph multifunction on X into Y the image of every z-closed set in X is closed in Y.

Mixed Cofibration and Mixed Hurewicz Cofibration

Daher Wali Freh, --- Abdulsattar Ali Hussien

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:In this papers we study a new concept namely Mixed cofibration (M- cofibration) and Mixed Hurewicz cofibration (M- Hurewicz cofibration).Most of theorem which are valid for cofibrationwill bealso valid for (M- cofibration) the others will be valid if we add extra condition . Among the result we obtain are: 1-A product of two Mixed Cofibration(Mixed Hurewicz cofibration) is also a Mixed Cofibration(Mixed Hurewicz cofibration)2- The M-pullback of Mixed Cofibration(Mixed Hurewicz cofibration)is also Mixed Cofibration(Mixed Hurewicz cofibration)

Strongly irrsolute precontinuous functions in intuitionistic fuzzy special Topological spaces


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

: The aim of this paper Is to generalize the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy strongly irresolute precontinuous functions due to B.Krsteska &S. Abbas , [2] to intuitionistic fuzzy special topological spaces. Also we study some of their properties and relations with intuitionistic fuzzy special strongly precontinuous functions .we investigate several characterizing theorem.

The Projective Special Linear Group PSL(4,2).

Muthana A. Mahmood --- Alaa Adnan Auad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:The present study deals with conjugacy classes for the projective linear group. The study of conjugacy classes has a great and important role; in hand it is an introductory step to study the general linear group and also the maximal subgroup in it.We introduce the investigation of the canonical form which represent each class for the linear group of dimension 4 over a field GF(pr) and deals with

On unit P-Groups in Group Algebra


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:The aim of this paper we have define the group of units U(F(G)), where F(G) is the group algebra with G is finite group over a field F. Now if char F=0 and G nonabelian or F is a nonabsolute field of characterstic > 0 and G/ O (G) is nonabelian, then it is well known that the group of unit U(K[G]) contains a nonabelain P-group.There for we will prove that there are two cyclic subgroups X and Y of G of prime power order and units uX U(K[X]) and uY U(K[X]) such that (uX,uY) contain nonabelian P-subgroups in linear group

Intuitionistic fuzzy projective geometry

Ghassan E. Arif

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

Abstract:In this paper , we introduce a new model of intuitionistic fuzzy projective geometry . In this model points and lines play a similar role , like they do in classical projective plane . Furthermore , we will show that this new intuitionistic fuzzy projective plane is closely related to the fibred projective geometry .

Construction of Sylvester-Hadamard Matrices by Using Binary Code

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science , volume:3 issue:1

A simple method is presented which defines Sylvester-Hadamard matrices in terms of products of binary code. This method is based representation of natural number as binary code which take only two value 0 or 1. Such a Hadamard matrices generator can be used to find the spectral coefficients of Boolean functions.بلغة التشفير الثنائي . بنيت (Sylvester-Hadamard Matrices)