Open Access Policy

The Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science is an open access journal, therefore there are no fees required for downloading any publication from the journal website by authors, readers, and institution. The journal applies the license of CC BY (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International  license). This license allows authors  to keep ownership of the copyright of their papers. But this license permits any user to download , print out, extract, reuse, archive, and distribute the article, so long as appropriate credit is given to the authors and the source of the work. The license ensures that the article will be available as widely as possible and that the article can be included in any scientific archive.


Publication charge policy

JUAPS is an open access journal, so there are no subscription fees. The journal is charged for a single accepted manuscript (10 pages) of 125000 IQD or $100 to support publishing service costs. There is not charged until the manuscript is accepted for publication and not affect any editorial decisions.  

No fees required for developing countries.


While other authors should pay the publishing fee as follows:

  1. Author residing in Iraq:
    The amount of (125,000) IQD for publication fees after acceptance of the manuscript .Direct payment to Account unit at the University Of Anbar.
  2. Authors residing outside Iraq have to pay the fee publication of $100.
  3. Payment method: the payment can pay through Western
    Union to the following address:
    Name: Jassim Mohammed Ali
    Tel: +964 7723161875
    Address: College of Science, University Of Anbar,
    Ramadi , Iraq.
    After sending your payment, please provide the scan copy of payment
    and inform us via journal’s email (  ).
    Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science
    College of Science 
    University Of Anbar

Plagiarism policy

The author should submit an original manuscript and an unpublished article for the Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science. The manuscript must include a proper citation without plagiarism/duplication of the authors' previous work. The manuscript shall be submitted to the Turnitin's plagiarism detection software before sending to the reviewers. The Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science board will reject the manuscript if plagiarism is detected at any stage of the publication. In addition, we will not accept manuscripts that are submitted elsewhere.

Archive policy

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science is an open journal, which allows to access to all published papers on its website without any charge. Also, the published papers in the journal are archived in the following archive system in Iraq:

1.      Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals:

2.      Repository of University Of Anbar

To view the journal archive in these services go to:

These services allows to create an advance searchable index of journal archive and to keep a record of all the open access archives of the journals of the University Of Anbar and other Iraqi journals that contain information a broad array of subjects with multidisciplinary knowledge with the a aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content and increasing the availability of scholarly communication.


Peer review policy

This journal operates a double –blind peer review policy involving 2 external reviewers. Authors may suggest potential reviewers if they wish: however, the decision to consider these reviewers is at the editor’s discretion. Authors  who wish to suggest peer reviewers can do so in the cover letter and should provide institutional email addresses where possible or information which will help the Editor to verify and identify the potential introduced reviewers (for example an ORCID or Scopus ID). Authors may request the exclusion of individuals as peer reviewers, but they should explain the reasons in their cover letter on submission. Authors should not exclude too many individuals as this may hinder the peer review process. Please note that the editor may choose to invite excluded peer reviewers. Intentionally falsifying information, for example , suggesting reviewers with a false name or email address, will result in rejection of the manuscript and may lead to further investigation in line with our misconduct policy.



Ethical behavior is expected from all of those involved in the publishing process. Although we list the ethical conduct expected from (of) each role, we also follow the guidelines of COPE. We recommend our editors, reviewers and authors to kindly go through the COPE websites for more information.

Animal Research

Laboratory animals are to be treated according to the rules and are to be handled with care. Precautionary measures undertaken while performing the experiment are to be mentioned. Otherwise it will be treated as violation of law. No scientific fraud and falsely research will be entertained. Serious action will be taken regarding the (fraudulent) scientific misconduct.