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1 Physics Department, College of Education for Pure Science, Mosul University,Mosul, Iraq;

2 The Directorate General of Education in Salah al Din,


         In this review, the chemical bath deposition method has been studied to investigate lead sulfide thin film. The important results obtained from XRD, AFM and optical Spectrophotometer measurements were discussed. peaks patterns illustrated that the lead sulfide structure have a cubic phase nanocrystalline corresponded to the strong peaks (111) and (200) at 2θ ≅ 26.3 and 29.8 respectively. Atomic force microscope (AFM) images exhibited that the lead sulfide (PbS) thin films have a nano-size grain also the grain size increased with increasing film thickness. Different parameters such as dislocation density and internal strain have been studied to be decreased with concentration. Decreasing internal strain and dislocation density with increasing concentration show enhancement of lattice constant as prepared films Scanning electron Microscope (SEM) images displayed that the top surface layers are strongly affected depending on the nature top. The PbS structure are quite homogeneous , the size distribution was about 71–83 nm. The influence of deposition time, thickness, nature of the substrate, concentration of solution and doping on the PbS films was also discussed. It can be seen, The prepared thin film was a thinner film with a short deposition time compared to prepared samples with a longer time. It has also been found that the precipitated films show optical absorbance in the room and UV region but their absorbance decreases upon entering the near-infrared (NIR) region. Lead Sulfide thin films have gained remarkable attention worldwide due to an important narrow band gap semiconductor which has broad potential applications in optoelectronics devices.


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