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Online ISSN: 2706-6703

Volume 2, Issue 2

Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2008, Page 1-168


Saad M. Al-Bayati

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 1-5
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15378

: Goat sarcocystosis of Dohuk governorate / north of Iraq – Kurdistan region , showed to be occur in percentage of 70 – 93 % for microscopic cysts( microcysts ) of Sarcocystis spp. of goats by several diagnostic techniques ( gross exam , trichinoscopy , squeezing method and post trichinoscopy drop exam ) which are varies in their efficiency depending on organ and the parasitic stage that can be detected by the used technique .Seasonal effect showed to be not effect in the distribution of the infection and that very important in the epidemiology of the disease by depending statistical analysis. In addition, the study confirms the suitability of used techniques, as they are not to be highly expansive which make them reliable for epidemiological study

Isolation And Characterization Of Some Micro-organisms Contaminating The Air-Conditioning Systems of AL-Ramadi Maternity And Children Hospital

Mohannad Hammad Abid; Saleem O. Al-Mawla; Hameed Sh. Abid

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 1-15
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15291

A total of 1200 sampls of various swaps in Maternity and Children
Hospital in Ramadi were collected during summer season;1/5/2004 - 30/10/2004.
Sources of isolation included the hospital environment ( the floor, patients, beds),
the internal air, air of ventilation pipes belonging to the hospital conditioned
system with it’s two floors. The samples of the four source groups mentioned
above consisted of 400 samples taken from the internal surfaces of air
conditioning pipes and 400 samples from the air of internal hospital halls and
400 samples from the hospital inanimate environment such as ground and beds.
The study was carried out with ten attempts. Each attempt included ten
departments of the hospital. After isolation and identification of the isolates , the
followings were found :
-The Majority of the microbial isolates were found to be of bacterial
origin with a percent of (85.6%) in the whole microbial isolates.
-Fungal isolates took the second class with a percent of (8.9%) .
-Some of the isolates recorded mixed cultures (bacteria and fungi),but
undiagnosed like gram positive rods and fungal threads.Thier percentage was
(5.4%) .
-Aspergillus sp isolates were found to be predominant among the
diagnosed mycotic agents (61.1%) while Candida albicans came in the second
range (38.9%).
-Gram negative bacteria possessed a higher percentage among other
bacterial types which had a percent of 67.5%, while the percentage of gram
positive bacteria was 32.5% .
-In gram negative bacteria, Klebsilla pneumonia was the highest among
the others, its percentage was 16.5% ,while Providencia bacteria was the lowest
type with 0.9% .
-Coagulase negative Staphylococcus had the highest percent which
reached 14.3% , while the α- hemolytic Streptococcus had the lowest percent
among the G+ve bacteria which reached 2.7% .
-According to the results obtained, the internal surfaces of the airconditioning
pipes consisted the highest microbial growth (bacteria, fungai and
mixed isolates) in comparison with the isolated smears of the inner air of rooms,
grounds and patient's beds. Also, the ground deck in the hospital had the
greatest level in microbial pollution in comparison with the first deck.


Zaynab K.Yousif; Shehab A.Lafi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 6-17
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15338

This study aimed to investigate the most common aerobic bacteria associated with Eczema , preparation of bacterial crude antigen from the predominant bacterial isolate as well as determination of total IgE and IgE specific for bacterial antigen using ELISA test.Fifty (50) out of ( 80 ) eczematic patients were showing positive skin swab culture with dominance of S. aureus (58%) from both adults and children , Corynebacterium , diphtheroid species took the second rank of isolation (22% ) followed by S.epidermedis (16% ) and Micrococcus species ( 10% ).Patients with positive swab cultures from both sexes and two age groups showed more IgE specific for S. aureus crude antigen (65.5% )than that of S. aureus standard strain . More esosinophil absolute counts were found among patients than control group . We can conclude that bacterial infections associated with eczema makes it more severe via induction of certain mediators ( IgE ) in this study and probably through other mediators . S. took the first rank of isolation .

Infection of the head hair with Fungi and some effecting factors 0n the transformation to the ear

Khuder S.hashim; I. I.Al-Hadithe; Idham a.a.Assaffii; Ahmed S. Al-Delimi; B. M. Al-Ani

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 16-23
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15264

نفذت الدراسة للتعرف على تواجد وانتشار الفطریات فی شعر الرأس والأذن لبعض طلبة وطالبات کلیة العلوم جامعة الانبار، إذ أخذت عینة عشوائیة تکونت من 60 شخص (30 طالب ومنتسب و30 طالبة ومنتسبة) ودرس تواجد وانتشار الفطریات من حیث الکثافة والنوع وعلاقة ذلک بالجنس وبنوع الشعر (دهنی وجاف) والفئة العمریة للعینات ، واستعمال المواد المرطبة والمغذیة للشعر او المطهرات من شامبو التنظیف . فضلا عن دراسة حالة الإصابة للإذن وعلاقتها بطریقة الوضوء وعدد مرات التنظیف للاذن ، کما درست قدرة العزلات التی عزلت من العینات على النمو على وسط (PDA) potato dextrose agar وحدد دور بعض المواد المستعملة فی تنظیف الشعر والجسم على نمو الفطریات وتثبیطها .أظهرت النتائج أن 73.3%(44) من عینات الدراسة مصابین بالفطریات فی شعر الرأس (33.3 ذکور و 40% اناث) وتبین أن نسبة الإصابة تزداد مع نوع الشعر ألدهنی(65%) وصغر الفئة العمریة لکلا الجنسین ، إلا أن نسبة اصابة الإذن قد ازدادت مع الشعر الجاف(61.9%) ، وزیادة العمر بعد 32 -40 سنة (83.1%) ، کما أن الإصابة قلت مع زیادة مرات التنظیف, وارتبطت معنویا مع طریقة الوضوء المتبعة إذ ازدادت نسبة الإصابة للأذن مع حالات استعمال نفس الماء الممسوح به الرأس لوضوء الأذن (80.9%)، کما أکدت النتائج أن اغلب هذه العزلات تنتمی إلى خمائر Candida وان نموها یمکن تثبیطه باستعمال مواد مطهرة من نوع غسول هید أند شولدر.


Hamid Hammad Anizy; Abbass Ibrahim Hussain

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 18-24
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15299

ABSTRACT: A total of 450 dental providers participated in this study from different parts of the AL-Anbar province, Iraq. The main aim was to cast light on the spread of hepatitis infection among workers in dentistry. The overall percentages of infection was found to 13%. Dental clinicians were significant more exposed to the risk of contracting the disease than technicians.

Effect of mercury on the total and electrophoretic profile of proteins and on the activity of three enzymes in kidneys of three species of freshwater clam : Unio tigridis, Pseudontopsis euphraticus and Anodonta sp

Solaf M. Mohammed; Abed A.Thaker

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 24-35
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15289

A three species of clam Unio tigridis, Pseudontopsis euphraticus and
Anodonta sp. were collected from Al-Habaniya lake, Al-Angor region/ Al-Anbar-
Iraq .The animals were exposed to three concentrations of mercury :0.1, 0.2 and
0.4 mg/l . First group of animals were exposed for three weeks ,second group for
two weeks and the third group for one week. At the end of the exposure period,
the animals were dissected ,then the kidney removed for the further study on
proteins and enzymes. The results were :
1. Total protein increased in the kidney of the third species at all mercury
concentrations and decreased in the kidney of the first and second species
. We observed prominent effect of mercury on the electrophoretic bands
of proteins with the decrease in the intensity of protein bands or induction
of new bands.
2. The activity of the three enzymes : Alkaline phosphatase , GPT and GOT
were not stable, either increasing or decreasing according to the different
species and concentration of the mercury , for example the activity of
alkaline phosphatase increased in the kidney of the first species at lower
and decreased at the two other concentration . The activity of GPT
increased in the kidney of the first species at all concentrations of mercuy,
while the activity of GOT decreased at first concentration in the kidnies
the first and third species


Mohammed Q. Al-Ani; Naheda I. Al-Dulaymi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 25-28
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15282

ABSTRACT:This study was done on twenty five lactant women and twenty five as control )not marriage) from General Ramadi Hospital to study some biochemical variable such as(PCV, Hb, sugar, cholesterol SGPT, SGOT,, and hormone of prolactin ) during lactation. The results of this study as following: no significant differences in level of PCV, Hb, SGPT,and cholesterol while significant differences in level of blood sugar, SGOT, and prolactin hormone were recorded in this study.


Sabri Mohammed.Hussain; Khalid Jamal

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 29-31
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.37636

ABSTRACT:The intermolecular charge transfer ( CT ) complex of two cryptands ,
viz , K221 and K222 (as donors ) and tow acceptors, viz , tetracyanoethylene
(TCNE) and 2-hydroxy-1,4-napthoquinon were studied ion Uv-visible region in
dichloromethane (DCM)as solvent at 298.2k .It was found that the basicity of
cryptand played an important role in the formation constant Kc value obtained .
The nature of CT complexes formed were achieved by calculation of oscillator
strength .


Kiffah Sh.Hamad; Muhdi Saleh Shallal; Hameed Sh.Abid Al-Hayani

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 36-51
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15295

Urine samples of human's mid-stream urinary tract were collected
from patients (males and females)who suffered from signs of urinary tract
problems . These specified bacteria were isolated and classified according to
species .Bacteriological results indicated the existence of P.mirabilis, which was
the most familiar kind to cause these infections compared to other bacteria .
A dose of 9.0 × 109 alive P.mirabilis bacterial cells was injected after
being killed on bases of a limited period of time intraperitonially in each
laboratory rat ,signs of infections were noticed and later extra
histoimmunopathological changes were studied in accordance with their sickness
Results Showed the followings:
Bacterial infections were persistent and their severity was varied between
acute and chronic infections for all the period of the experiment .These
conditions were positive for all the urinary tract components, urethras ,urinary
bladder and urethra.
The strength of histoimmunopathological changes was varied among rats
of the same group for all the period of the experiment ,but in general these
changes varied from simple to moderate specially in the first week of inoculation
.However ,animals did have symptoms such as hyperemia and edema while
others suffered from necrosis , staffing of medulla , hyaline casts and
inflammatory edema .
Inflammation severity was increased after the first week and animals
suffered from a wide destruction in their kidney tissue because of inflammable
edema which experienced neutrophils penetration in the kidney tissues and the
collective tubules ; as a result, R.B.C `s were presented in their urine . Moreover,
in the second week their inflammatory conditions were variably extended to
chronic inflammation in the bladder through the urethras and then to urethra .
Also, swelling of the mucous membrane of the bladder and urethra. Rats may
have inflammable edema and chancre with severe edema in the inflamed cells


Fadhil Ismail Shrrad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 46-49
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15358

:To study the effect of the shield thickness of the surrounding on the total and photo peak relativity efficiency for the NaI(Tl),two NaI(Tl) detectors (3'' × 3'' ) and (1.5" × 1.5") crystals are used and the radioactive source is Cs-137 which emits (0.662) MeV photons at distance of(25)cm from the detector and (146.8µci) activity. The Surrounded materials represented by cylinders of (35 )cm. long, and different thicknesses (2.5, 4.4, 5.6and8.9) mm. and different diameters (11, 16 and 21.5) cm. for the steel (Iron) cylinder. For (1.5" × 1.5") and (3'' × 3'') detectors without cylinder, the total and Photo peck Relativity efficiency are (100%)relative to it selves.While, increasing of the thickness of the cylinder, the total and Photo Peak Relativity efficiency decrease for the two size detector


Balkees. M. Deya; Mohammed. S. Waheed; Mohammed. Gh. Hammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 50-61
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15288

:This research include the study of the fatigue property for the polymer and the composite materials, we using the epoxy resin as matrix for the reinforced materials that consist of artificial fibers (Kevlar, glass and PVC fibers) also aluminum powder for reinforcing. The slates made of composite materials and hybrid composite materials for both volume fractions30% and 40% from the reinforced materials, where we made twenty one slates from the composite materials, all these slates cutting to samples with measurement (10x 70mm) in order to execute the fatigue test accordingly for the fatigue machine characteristics, these samples divided to several groups for both volume fractions 30% and 40%, these groups immersing in H2SO4 acid for fifty day to study the effect of this solution in the fatigue characteristic. The test executed by two steps: - the first step include executing the fatigue testing for the dry samples and comparison these results with each other, the second step include the fatigue test for the samples after immersion in the solution (H2SO4 acid) for fifty day,. The results of fatigue test from the second step comparing with the results from the first group for both volume fractions 30% and 40%. The results and laboratory examinations for these samples show a decreasing in the number of fatigue cycles until the fail when the applied load or applied stress increase

Effect of the extract of nigella sativa and Allium sativum of the complete Blood picture in vitro which treat by CdCl2.5H2o and HgO

Muthanna. H . Hassan; Saadi S .khamis

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 52-65
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15359

The study include two side :
First: study the effect of two elements from heavy metal ,such as, chloride
cadiumm CdCl2.5H2o and mercury oxide Hgo with three concentration
(10,50,100) mg/L on the Blood picture ( RBC,WBC,Hb,PCV,ESR) invitro
through three different period (4,24,and 48h).in the results,we can find the
effect heavy metal was immaterial effect on the complete Blood picture ,and it
have direct relation with the time . Second: study the effect of watery and
alcoholic extract of nigella sativa and allium sativum on the poisoning of
heavy metal. The results clarify the watery extract nigella sativa gives
immaterial effect in inhibition poisoning of heavy metal in all concenteration .in
other hand,the alcoholic extract of nigella sativa give immaterial effect in
inhibition poisoning of heavy metal it leads to make immaterial effect in
inhibition mercury oxide and chloride cadiumm with closer concenteration
10mg/l onel


Abdulh Rahman Hussain Salih

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 62-72
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15315

: In this paper the drag perturbation for the law orbit are studded ,Koll-method is suitable to used hear, equation of motion it's solved by numerical integration ;Rang-Kota-method was used ; to find the components of velocity and position and find the orbital parameters with perturbation .Study the effect of drag perturbation on the position , of satellite with time and on perigee , apogee , a ,e and age of satellite, Study the variation of satellite position and age with height we can increase the age of satellite to 40 times by increase the perigee height only 2 times, and by decrease A/m ratio and eccentricity also by rotate in the direction of the earth rotate.

The Effect of Anemia on the Total Levels of Protein and Cholesterol in during Delivery Women and Their New born.

Mohammed Qais Al-Ani; Khalid F. Al-Rawi; Muthana M. Awad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 66-83
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15284

The study includes two main groups; the first group consists of (90) during
delivery women, while the second consists of (90) new born children. The two
groups are divided into other subgroups depending on whether they are anemic and
non anemic. The first group contains (66) anemic women and (24) non anemic
women, While the second group contains (23) anemic newborn and (67) non anemic
new born. Total levels of protein and cholesterol have been checked in the
subgroups in addition to the effect of anemia on these variables and the changes in
total cholesterol and protein levels in regard to weight of the newly born. Variations
of these variables depending on sex in the subgroups of newly born have also been
checked. The study has revealed that total levels of cholesterol in during delivery
anemic women were significantly high in comparison with their levels in non anemic
women, their rates range (186 ±18.51) and (163±23.54) mg/dl for each of the two
groups, respectively. Moreover, total protein levels were higher in non anemic
women than in anemic women ranging (6.97±0.76) and (6.16±0.6) gm/dl,
respectively (p < 0.05). Total cholesterol levels in anemic newborn were not
significantly different from non anemic children, whereas total protein levels in non
anemic children were higher compared with anemic children , rates rang
(7.59±0.72) and (6.69 ±0.91) respectively(p<0.05). As for the relationship between
the sex of the child and the studied biochemical variables in the sub groups, child
sex had no effect on total cholesterol levels, whereas total protein levels varied;
Differences were significant between male and female anemic children, while
differences were not significant between male and female non anemic children. Also
differences were significant between anemic and non anemic male children, whereas
they were significant between anemic and non anemic female children (p<0.05).
The study has also shown that weights of non anemic children were higher in
comparison with anemic children, they were (3.4±0.38) and (3.02±0.47) respectively
(p<0.05). Differences in weight between female and male anemic children were not
significant; also they were not significant in male and female non anemic children.
Differences in weight between anemic and non anemic children were significant;
also they were significant between anemic and non anemic female children.
There was a difference in the relationship between weights of anemic and non
anemic children and total levels of protein and cholesterol in female and male
children. In non anemic children, the relationship between total protein levels and
the weight of male and female children was slightly significant (r= 0.357), while it
was not significant in terms of total cholesterol levels with weights of female and
male children. There was a reversible relationship between total protein levels in
anemic male children and their weights (r=-0.448), while in female children the
relationship was slightly significant(r=0.313). Total cholesterol levels in anemic male
children had a high significant relationship (r=0.914) with their weight, while it was
not significant in anemic female children.


Abbass Ibrahim Hussain

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 73-77
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15319

Dental laboratories are commonly confronted with individuals seeking alterations on their complete or partial dentures. Some of these problems may not be related procedure followed to produce such dentures in the dental laboratories, rather they may be the result of improper use or even unrevealed certain dental history by the patient due to lack of knowledge or just as a matter of careless. Identifying the most common problems may help both technicians and patients avoiding repeating of casting procedure and costs as well as unnecessary efforts. The most common problem exhibited by wearers of complete and partial denture are loose dentures and lack of retention.Gum diseases are only found in patients wearing complete dentures (4.3%).


Salah Khalaf Abbass

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 82-87
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15364

Age and smoking cigarettes were found to contribute significantly to the lifetime of partial denture. Such an effect was determined by the use of the binary logistic regression model. When smoking cigarettes is compared to age, age of the patient was found to contribute slightly higher (probably ignorable difference) to this matter.

The study of Cryptosporidium parvum dispersal in children less than five years old in Ramadi province.

Mohanad M.M

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 84-88
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15312

The aim of this study is to reveal the infection of Cryptosporidium parvum in
which cause cryptosporidiosis in ramadi province. The study includes the test of
115 samples of faces taken from children who were ristrictly infection.
Results show a total infection percentage of 39.13 including which 26.08 in rural
area and 13.4 in the city .
Most infection were at age 1-12 months which was higher than other ages .no
significant difference between male and female infection


Alaa A.Awad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 88-106
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15314

Aim this article to provide an accessible introduction to the notion of topological entropy and (for context) its measure theoretic analogue, and then to present some work applying related ideas to the structure of iterated preimages for a continuous (in general non-invertible) map of a compact metric space to itself. These ideas will be illustrated by tow classes of examples, form circle maps and symbolic dynamics. My focus is on motivating and explaining definitions. Most results are stated with at most a sketch of the proof. The informed reader will recognize imagery from Bowen’s exposition of topological entropy which I have freely adopted for motivation.

The prevalence of Staphylococcus saprophyticus in patient of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Falluja City

Hassan A. Muttar; Hassan A. Abd Alreda; Hamdi Al-Janabi; Idham A Assafi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 89-99
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15373

This study was conducted to evaluate the incidence of Staphylococcus saprophyticus
and its role in urinary tract infection in male and female For achieving this goal, 400
midstream urine samples were collected from patients suffering from UTI in Al-Falluja
hospital (male and female) for the period between 114 to30102006, samples were
cultured on mannitol salt agar and Staph. 110 and different biochemical tests and API
Staph. Were used to ensuring the diagnosis disc diffusion method was used to test the
susceptibility of these isolates to different antibiotics (11 antibiotics) which used as
therapeutics. The results could be summarized as follows:
1:-Isolation and identification of 16 isolates belonging to Staphylococcus
saprophyticus comprising 4% out of the total number of infection cases with the
dominance of female infection.
2:-The rate of infection increase in compared with city.
3:-All Staphylococcus saprophyticus isolates were sensitive (87.5%) to Ceftazidime,
75% Refampicin, while these isolates were resistance to Lincomycin (100%), (81 %)
Erthromycin ( 75%) Trimethoprim and the current study showed those plasmids are
the genetic material that encoded the resistance to antibiotics.

Isolate some effective compounds in some medicinal plants and biological study on the effectiveness of certain economic insects life

Thaer Abdul-Qader Saleh Al-aloosi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 100-111
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15392

The purification and Extracts was vehicles Lawsone , Vasicine and Nicotine of
medicinal plants henna Lawsonia inermis , Halk Al-Sabea Al-Shuejairy Adhatoda vasica
and tobacco Nicotiana tobacum by some diagnostic devices and Methods IR, UV, TLC,
Melting point and some chemical tests have been studying the effect of their
effectiveness in economic life insect larvae house fly Musca domestica and Culex
quinquefasciatus mosquitoes and rusted flour beetle Tripolium castneum and calculate
the Rate of kill cumulative , non-cumulative effectiveness of these vehicles, and results
showed superiority Vasicine compared to the rest of other vehicles whether cumulative
effect Or non- cumulative night in the effectiveness Nicotine then Lawsone results also
indicated that the most vulnerable phases was the first phase larvae and all transactions
while the fourth phase larvae of mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus , Tripolium castneum
are less affected , and the third phase larvae of Musca domestica are the least affected,
and the results showed that Distortions appearance in the larval treatment with
prolonging the number of days in the larvae phase .


Hamid Hammad Anizy

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 107-110
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15375

: During the period June 2005 to June 2006, 158 patients with teeth discoloration were interviewed regarding the causes of discoloration. Most common cause of discoloration teeth in females was the caries, whereas trauma and dentin development problems were the most common two causes of teeth discoloration in males.


Alaa A. Awad; Abdulrehman Slman

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 111-117
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15344

In this investigation we generalized the class introduced by J. patel [7] of multivalent analytic functions to the subclass which has been recently published. Also we derive various properties by using the techniques of Briat-Bouquet differential subordination.

Study on microbial genital infections in bothsexes In Baghdad area

Muna S.Al-Delaimi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 112-116
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15383

One hundred high vaginal swabs were collected from patients who did checking
in private labs, different types of pathogenic bacteria were isolated from (40) cases. Such
isolates included: S.aureus (12) ,St.pyogens (11) ,E.coli (8) ,N.gonorrhoeae (4)
,Pr.mirabilis (3) , and Ps.aeruginosa (2) .
Sensitivity test was used to check the sensitivity of such isolates. Post coital test
(PCT) was used for (25) vaginal discharges ,(10) of them were chosen for examination
because of presence of pus cells , bacteria , monillia and the presence of very low
percentage of spermatozoa or non at all. Seminal fluid analysis was done for the
husbands whose wives had been checked before and the results showed the majority of
the males were suffering from physiological and pathological problems ( low percentage
of spermatozoa , low percentage of normal shape of spermatozoa and low percentage of
the actively motile one

Produce the single cell protein (SCP) by the liquid cultures methods from Schanginia aegyptiaca powder by the use Aspergillus niger and testing Biological

Samir Sarhan Khalil; Dhafer Fakri Al-Rawii; Ahmed Shehab Ahmed lafi; Adham Ali Al-Assaffii

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 117-129
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15349

The study was conducted to produce the single cell protein by the use of Schanginia
aegyptiaca powder wastes of nutrient media and wheat hey. The aim was to grow local isolates
which were already diagnosed and sieved from (Aspergillus niger) in the liquid cultures
methods by using flasks in shaker incubators fermentation. The suitable conditions for
production such as components media, percentage of support materials, time of incubation and
type of best isolate for production were determined. Yield components of single cell protein
were checked. The yield, was then used in food and the breeding media of fruit fly (Drosophila
melanogaster). The results were as follows :-
1- Obtaining 10 local isolates inhabiting Schanginia aegyptiaca, three of them were selected
depending on the ratio of growth diameter which ranged between (5.60-6.40) cm on PDA
2- The selected isolates Is-3, Is-4, Is-8 with A.niger-S showed an ability to grow on the
prepared media Schanginia aegyptiaca with a rate lower than the PDA media. The Is-8
isolate has been selected and diagnosed to belong to fungi A. niger-P8 with A.niger-S
3- The liquid media, prepared from the powder of Schanginia aegyptiaca and wheat hey in 1:1
percentage produced the highest yield of single cell protein 9.11 g/Lit with A. niger-P8
isolate and 8.91 g/Lit with A. niger-S isolate during 8 days incubation period.
4- The highest percentage of the parent protein in biomass was 32.12 and 32.56 from A. niger-
P8 and A. niger-S isolates, respectively, and the produced protein contained low percentage
of nucleic acids RNA and DNA. The totals of their percentage were 5.18% and 5.32%, and
revealed that it contains 15 amino acids. The rates of amino acids were 81.4 and 80.5 g/100g
of protein for the two isolates A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S, respectively, and
characteristically the highest content of Aspartic; 16.12 and 15.62 g/100g of protein in the
liquid cultures for the A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S isolates, respectively. revealed that
production are free from toxins.
5- The use of microbial protein produced from the liquid fermentation for A. niger-P8 and
A. niger-S in feeding fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster instead of Corn starch in 100%
percentage gave the highest rate in the number of mature insect 1473 and 1381, for
the proteins of the two isolates A. niger-P8 and A. niger-S, respectively.

Study of GOT & GPT Activity in patients with hepitaitis.

Oqba A. Al-Hadithi; Ibrahim A. Shebeeb

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 130-136
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15300

The aim of this study is to determine the changes in GOT and GPT
enzymes activity in hepitaitis patients . Results showed that the increasing in
both enzymes activity is different between male and female in both GOT & GPT
47.93 I.U/L in male and 53.10 I.U/L in female and 73.31 I.U/L male and 69.42
I.U/L in female respectively . The reason of this increasing is belong to the
damage of liver cells by hepatitis virus.

A Comparative Study of the Levels of Total Cholesterol and Protein between Umbilical Cord Blood and their Levels in Maternal Blood

Rasheed M.Rasheed; Khalid F.AL-Rawi; Muthana M.Awad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 137-146
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15356

The study involved the determination of the total cholesterol level and total
protein in maternal blood during delivery (90 samples) and comparison with cord
blood for new born (90 samples).The study illustrated that there is no correlation
between the total cholesterol levels in maternal blood and cord blood (r = 0.185) as
well as with the level of total protein ( r = 0.151).
The differences are significant (P < 0.01) between total cholesterol levels in
maternal blood in average of (180.3 ± 22.42) mg/dl and its levels in cord blood in
average of (156.75 ± 11.84) mg/dl.But for total protein levels there is no significant
difference ( P > 0.01) between maternal blood and their new borns which became
(6.36 ± 0.73) gm/dl and (7.35 ± 0.86) gm/dl , respectively.

Electrolytic Refining of high purity uranium crystals from Melts

Jehad. A. Taies

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 147-152
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15320

In this work ,electrolytic cell was designed and manufactured which used
to produce high purity uranium crystals 99.9% from molten salt of 30%
UF4,36% NaCl ,34% KCl directly at high temperature ,around (450-650)C
under argon atmosphere . The metal was also produced by using UCL4 instead
of UF4. The anode in both salts was graphite crucible ,molybdenum rod as a
cathode .This work describes the equipments and the procedures with analysis of
product .

Study of eigen function and eigen values for energy by muller s method and COGI method by use Causs potential

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 153-158
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15341

This study concern here on we shall compare the Eigenvalues and
eigenfunction calculated numerically with those obtained by the asymptotic series
(Muller,s method) and COGI method where large and moderately large values of
angular momentum L and coupling constants g2 are involved.

Study of induced defects for silicon single crystal by pulse LaserNd – YAG irradiation

Abdul-Kareem H.Assaf; Ibrahim J.Abdullah; Maroof J. Rabee; Asmat R.Abdulgaffor

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 159-168
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2008.15321

The Laser interaction with the semiconductor (si) is very important operations which are so
important in Laser industrial applications. For this interaction the effected mechanical of
induced diffusion which connected in this work of detectors during the optical properties for the
semiconductor. This study showed that the defects happening in single crystal of silicon kind-n.
Irradiation by Laser Nd-YAG with wave length (1.06μm) and pulse duration (10ms) which
conclude defects as (cracks, concaves, convexes and holes) forms and depending on radiation
power where optical microscope was used for this purpose. The result of the diffraction of x-ray
showed a phase change from single crystal to ( poly crystalline and amorphous) when using the
radiation in period power (1.4kw , 0.75kw) consecutively. Also the surface resistance and the
penetration depth were found proportional to increasing of the radiation power.