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Volume 4, Issue 3

Volume 4, Issue 3, Summer and Autumn 2010, Page 1-119

Evaluation of Procalcitonin Test for Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis in Tikrit Teaching Hospital

Suha Mahir Abid Al- Rasheid; Emad R. Al-Sa'adoon; Mousa J. Mohammed; waad Mahmood Raoof

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 1-13
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.43978

The diagnosis of neonatal infection is challenging because traditional markers of infection
are often misleading instead of diagnosing. This study was conducted to determine Procalcitonin (PCT)
level as an early marker for diagnosis of suspected sepsis in neonates in comparison with C-reactive
protein, blood culture, total and differential white blood cell counts. From August, 2008 till March,
2009, 114 blood samples were collected from neonates (males and females) admitted to the pediatricsneonatal
wards at Tikrit Teaching Hospital who were clinically suspected with sepsis as diagnosed by
the physician in the hospital with any features suggestive of sepsis. The results of blood culture
showed that 53 (46%) of samples were positive, of them 32 (60%) were males and 21 (40%) were
females. The number of negative cases were 61 (54%), of them 31 (51%) were females and 30
(49%)were males. The results of identification showed that the most frequent bacterial isolates were
Coagulase Negative Staphylococci and Nocardia spp. (22% for each), followed by Listeria
monocytogenes 17%, Klebsiella pneumoniae, 9% Pseudomonas aeruginosa 6% and Staphylococcus
aureus 6%, while (Citrobacter diversus, Serratia marscesens, Serratia liquifascens, Lactobacillus spp.,
Peptostreptococcus spp., Micrococcus spp., Streptococcus pyogenes) were frequently less isolated
recording 2% for each .
The antibiotics susceptibility test revealed that Gram negative isolates showed high resistance to
antibiotics used in the present study. Each isolate of the Gram positive bacteria showed different
pattern of resistance against the antibiotics used. Results of virulence factor showed that 85%, 100%,
100% , 100% and 62% of Gram negative isolates and 61%, 100% , 89%, 94% and 78% of Gram
positive isolated produced Urease , Hemolysin, Lipase, Lecithinase and alkaline protease, respectively.
Results of routine hematological tests at which the differences were statistically significant showed that
33% of culture positive cases had leucopenia, 19% of cases had leukocytosis, while the rest were in the
category of normal range. For CRP, the differences were not significant among culture positive and
culture negative cases. With reference to PCT test which had been measured using the
immunochromatographic semi-quantitative method. The results showed that 21% of culture positive
cases were with PCT level with high levels distributed among levels of PCT≥0.5 ≥2 ≥10 ng/ml. As for culture negative cases, 49%
of PCT were systemic infections cannot be excluded though they were culture negative. In addition PCT results did
not fit with CRP all the time since some cases recorded higher level of PCT ≥10 ng/ml despite they
were negative for CRP. The comparison between results of PCT and WBC for the same performed
cases showed that 68% of cases were in the category of normal WBC range, meanwhile they had high
level of PCT. Only 18% were in the category of leukocytosis, and the rest of percentage were in the
category of leucopenia. When PCT was compared with other routinely measured parameters used in
this study, It seemed to be significantly more sensitive in sepsis diagnosis. Accordingly, we can
conclude that PCT is a more sensitive marker than other traditional tests (blood culture, CRP and WBC
count) that could be used in early diagnosis of bacterial sepsis in neonates



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 1-7
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.44010

ABSTRACT: To investigate the effect of selenium (se) administration on gonadotropins , a total of (15)
immature female mice were injected intraperitonealy with (0.001) mg selenium once daily until
appearance of full vaginal cornification. Control mice (n=15)were injected with normal saline .Result ,
showed that appearance partial vaginal cornification was noticed 5days past (se) administration. Full
cornification was obtained on day 41of age .Serum changes in FSH,LH, and Estrogen were studied at the
age of 41 days in all animals .Result showed that a significant (p<0.05) increase in serum level of both
gonadotropins and Estrogen in( se ) treated mice ,Result of the present investigation indicate (se) ability to
stimulate gonadotropin in immature mice associated with increase level of FSH,LH, and Estrogen hormone
which delayed the age of puberty in female mice .



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 8-13
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15615

ABSRTACT:The study was carried out to isolate the bacteria that causing urinary tract infection
and to determine the rate of this bacteria and to determine the activity.of aquatic and alcoholic
extracts of the plants (Nigella sativa, Trigonella foenum , Allium sativum , Vitis vinifera,
Hordium valgara and Raphanus seeds).The study also carried out to study the synergism effect of
alcoholic extract on these bacteria .The infection percent caused by E.coli was 48% percent
,Klebsiella pneumoniae was 32% percent and Pseudomonas aeruginosa was 20% percent.The
results of the effects of plants extracts on the isolates show various effects depending on the extract
type,the extract concentration and the type of microorganism.The inhibition activity of the aquatic
extracts were lower than alcoholic extracts for all the plants extracts except Allium sativum and
Nigella sativa and the inhibition activity of alcoholic extracts was increasing with inceasing the
concentration except Hordium valgara .The results of the synergesim effects of alcoholic extracts
show better effect than single effect of these plant extract .

Assembly and Application of New Calcium Ion –Selective Electrode for Determination of Calcium Ions .

ed Ibrahim Mohammad; Ismail K. Al-Hitti

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 14-20
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15537

Abstract:A new calcium ion- selective electrode was prepared from calcium glyxolate complex doped with PVC and plasticizer .The electrode was characterized by its stable Nernstian response 29.97mV/decade. with a linear range of ( 10 -5 - 10-1 ) M , detection limit of 10-5 M and response time of ( 20 - 60 sec.) within the electrode lifetime which lasted four months. Suitable pH range for electrode response was (5 - 9) and little temperature effect was found on the efficiency of the electrode. High selectivity of the electrode to calcium ions in the presence of many cation was found which clarified from the lower potentiometric selectivity coefficients . Most of the anions are severely interfered as a result of precipitation or stable complex formations with calcium ions and these interferents were exploited in the determination of the anions or the calcium ions. Encouraging and promising results were obtained using this new calcium ISE in the determination of calcium in drinking water and human blood serum coincidental with the spectrophotometric methods.



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 14-27
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15570

ABSTRACT:[A,B and C] Contains formyl group were synthesized through the condensation
polymerization of [Ortho, Meta, Para] – hydroxyl benzaldehyde with formalin in basic medium. The
prepared polymers were reacted with different drugs containing amino groups [ Aldomet , Isonizide ,
Sulfamethoxazole ,Folic acid ] through condensation reaction to gives twelfth new polymers. The
structures of these polymers were characterized using [ IR, U.V] spectral data, the result obtained are
compared with their assigned structures.The prepared polymer conjugated supported drugs were
studied for controlled drug release in- vitro at following pH [7.3, 9.4, 1.2] and at constant temperature
[25C ◌ْ ] . The obtained result indicate that the polymer structure and pH media have a significant
effects on controlled drug release .

Environmental Risk Assessment in Baghdad City by Determination of Lead Level in Soil Samples

Hussian Hassan Kharnoob

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 21-25
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15618

Abstract :The concentration of lead has been determined in different sites of Baghdad during summer season 2008.Analysis was carried out using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer technique (FAAST) at wavelength 217 nm and air-acetylene flame. The lead level was found in a particulate fraction in some soils of AL-Karkh is more than in AL-Rusafsa sites of Baghdad. The levels approach the hazardous limits in most sites as a result of industrial activities and exhaust cars which are very crowded in Baghdad streets.

Synthesis of Some New Resins From Poly (Phenol-Furfural ) And Cyclic Anhydride

Nabil Jamal Ayed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 26-33
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15539

Abstract :In this work , the synthesis of some new resins from conversion of poly (2 or 3 or 4- nitro phenol- furfural) to poly (2 or3 or 4-amino pheunol- furfural), by reaction with cyclic anhydride, where explored . The obtained new resins containing an amic acids residue were characteristized with IR, UV, 1HNMR, CHN analysis, Intrinsic viscosities and S.P where by polymers or resins. Will have an intermediate molecular weight might be proved .



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 28-32
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15652

ABSTRACT:The mixed ligands complexes of Imidazol (Im) and naphthal hydroxamic acid (NHA) with
transition metal salt of Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) were prepared . they were characterized by
using (FT-IR) spectroscopy,(UV-Vis.) spectrophotometery and chlorine content test, atomic absorption
spectroscopy also by using molar conductance . this study showed that ligand Imedazol behaves as a
monodentate ligand and Naphthalhydroxamic acid as a chelating tridentate ligand , the complexes have an
octahedral geometry. The free ligands and their complexes have been tested for their antibacterial
activities against four kinds of human pathogenic bacteria: (Streptococcus paecalies, Staphylococcus
aureus), (Escherichia coli, Klebsiella Peneumonia ). the first group are Gram positive while the second
group are Gram negative by using agar well diffusion method. Finally ,it was found that compounds show
different activity of inhibition on growth of the bacteria



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 33-35
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15658

This research was included the spectrophotometric study of charge transfer complexes of Lawson
dye ( as acceptor ) with nine compounds ( as donors ) at room temperature 255 c by using absolute ethanol as
solvent . Formation constants Kc and molar absorptivity (ε) were calculated by using Benesi – Hildebrand equation
and linear relation ship was obtained which indicated, clearly a 1:1 stoichiometric ratio of donor to acceptor .
Isolation of solid complexes were successfully achieved by mixing equimolar quantities of donors with acceptor
in ethanol as solvent . These complexes were identified by using some spectroscopic methods .From the results , it
concluded clearly that electron density of donors and geometry were the fundamental factors , that effect to the
stability of complex formed , that electron density of donors and geometry of complex played important roles in the
value of Kc and stability of these complexes .

Synthesis and Characterization of New Azo-Schiff Bases and Study Biological Activity of Some These Compounds

Abid Allah M. Ali; Hassan T. Ghanem; Ahamed W. Naser

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 34-38
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15540

Abstract: Aso derivative (3) was prepared by coupling reaction between diazonium salt (2) and salicylaldehyde. Aso-schiff bases 4(a-h) have been synthesized by the condensation (3) with different aromatic amines. The completion of reactions was checked by TLC. The prepared azo compounds were identified by IR and 1HNMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. The second part of this work includes studding the effect of the some bacteria.



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 36-43
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15598

The modern astronomic programs were development to calculate the sun and moon
coordinates, moon phases (new moon and full moon), synodical half months and difference between
them and time of synodical month and elongation angle from the sun at the moment of inception.
Calculations were conducted for the years 2005-2010.The relation between crescent visibility and
synodical half month period was studied (date of full moon –date of inception) relying on its change
with sun –earth –moon angle(Elong) at synodic moment. The period when crescent presents synodical
half month and its relation to new born crescent deviation angle from perigee(Mo) and node(F) .It was
found out that crescent did not present synodical mid-period time. Synodical month period change and
perigee and node movement were calculated

Synthesis and Chemical Characterization of Some NovelAzachalcones compounds and Evaluation of their Biological Activity

Mohammed Abed Kadhim

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 39-42
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15622

Abstract : A series of novel Azachalcone compounds were prepared by the reaction of 3-acetyl pyridine with different aromatic aldehyd . Azachalcone was reacted with thiourea to give good yields of thiazines , all the new compounds were characterized by I.R , U.V and TLC. Also the Biological Activities of these compounds against anti bacteril and anti fungal were evaluated . some of these compounds gave good activity



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 44-49
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15596

In this paper ,I have studied a new(which cum.f approximate method)is used for calculating
the approximate normal boundaries by using the Neyman allocation in case of studying classes that have
heterogeneous samples and compared it with the most efficient approximate method ,which is ) (cum.f 6
turned out through this study that the new method is more efficient than the old method in case of the
uniform distribution and for all values of d ,while in case of the normal distribution , the efficiency of the
new method on the old one depends on value (σ ) ,if it was (σ < 0.2287 ) the old method would be more
efficient than the new one ,while if it was (σ = 0.2287 ) ,the two methods would be at the same level of
efficiency ,while if it was (σ >0.2287 ) ,the new method would be more efficient than the old one ,As for the
exponential distribution ,the new method would not always be efficient but during specific moment
depending on value (λ ) ,while if it was (λ < 3.042 ) ,the new method would be more efficient than the old
one ,if it was (λ = 3.42 ) the two methods would be at the same level of efficiency , while if it was ( λ >
3.042) the old method would be more efficient than the new one.

Synthesis and Characterization of Two Schiff Base Tetradentate Ligands and their Related Complexes of

Mahmoud S. muter

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 43-47
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15656

Abstract:The compound [H2L1] (2,6-di(phenyl-4-methyl) [3.3.1] azabicyclo-9-2-amino ethylimine) was used to prepare two novel Schiff base ligands 2,4-bis [2,6-di(phenyl-4-methyl)[3.3.1] azabicyclo-9- 2-imine ethylimine] butane [L2] and 2,5-bis [2,6-di(phenyl-4-methyl)[3.3.1] azabicyclo- 9-2-imine ethylimine] pentane [L3] , by the reaction of [2,3-butandione] and [2,4-pentandione] with 2,6-di (phenyl-4-methyl) [3.3.1] azabicyclo -9-2-amino ethylimine [H2L1] in [1:2] ratio in presence of concentrated HCl acid. The mixture was refluxed in ethanol for eight hours. The new ligands were used to prepare new complexes with Cu(II) and Pd(II). The prepared compounds were identified by IR, U.V-Vis, 1H, 13C NMR spectra, elemental microanalysis (C.H.N). In addition the complexes were characterized by IR, U.V-Vis, conductivity, magnetic susceptipility and melting point. Results showed that all complexes have an octahedral structure.

The Effect of the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Addition on Surface Hardness and Impact Strength Properties of Heat-Cured Acrylic Resin Denture Base Material

Ehsan Ali Abed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 50-53
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.43981

Abstract:The most common materials used for fabrication of denture base are poly methyl
methacrylate (PMMA) and methyl methacrylate (MMA). Preparation of heat cured, ultered or
modified, denture base acrylic resin was carried out by preparing of poly (methyl methacrylate)
Polymer, - PMMA- (75%) and poly vinyl chloride -PVC - (25%), and the liquid part composed of
methyl methacrylate -MMA- monomer. All the specimens were cured by using short curing cycle (90
min. at 74ºC followed by 30 min. at 100º C). Some mechanical properties of the prepared material
were evaluated in comparison with the control denture base acrylic resin. The polymer was prepared by
graft copolymerization method. The total 40 specimens, 20 specimens for each experimental or control
material were tested.The results showed that the experimental polymer has hardness and impact
strength higher than that of control polymer

Some Results on Epiform Modules.

Muna .A. Ahmed; Basil A. AL-Hashimi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 54-56
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15629

Abstract: The concept of epiform modules is a dual of the notion of monoform modules. In this work we give some properties of this class of modules. Also, we give conditions under which every hollow (copolyform) module is epiform.

On Weak Forms of Reqular Generalized Some Separation Axioms In Intuitionistic Topological Spaces

Younis J. Yaseem; Fatima M. Mohammad

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 57-63
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15569

Abstract: Our goal in this paper is to give new definition of regular generalized T1 and regular generalized T2 separation axioms in intuitionistic topological spaces and study relations among several types of regular generalized separation axioms with some basic properties and counter examples.

Decomposition of Homeomorphisms on Intuitionistic Topological Spaces.

Asmaa Ghesoob Raouf

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 64-72
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15557

The aim of this paper is to introduce two new classes of generalized homeomorphisms on intuitionistic topological spaces and shown that one of these classes has a group structure. Moreover some properties of these two homeomorphisms are obtained.Keywords- Generalized closed set, homeomorphism, gsg- homeomorphism, sgs-homeomorphism on ITS.

FP-Modules and Related Concepts

Marrwa Abdall Salih; Nagham Ali Hussein; Karim S.Kalaf

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 73-80
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15550

Abstract ;In this work, we introduce the concept of FP-Module as a generalization of the concept Q-Module. Many characterizations and properties of FP-Modules are obtained. We investigate conditions for FP-Modules to be Q-Modules. Modules which are related to FP-Modules are studied. Some classes of modules which are FP-Modules are given. Furthermore, characterizations of FP-Modules in some classes of modules are obtained.


Nabeel E. Arif

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 88-91
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15655

Abstract : In this paper , we introduce and study fuzzy supratopological group and we introduce fuzzy supracontinuous mapping,fuzzy suprahomeomorphism and quotient fuzzy supratopology and we prove some results about these definitions .



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 97-111
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15564

This study covers the examination of the hydrogeologic conditions and the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifers within the hydrologic regime of Al-Anbar Governorate. Also, the research shed light on the flow behavior regime and its effectiveness on the groundwater movement, considering the regional geologic settings including, geomorphologic, structural and sediment logical phenomena. The results that derived from this study are:1-Determination of groundwater quality zones throughout the distribution maps of hydrochemical facies (Water Type) and TDS. 2-Compilation of various hydraulic parameters and hydro chemical characteristics of the groundwater.3-determination of main productive aquifers. 4-Compilation the hydraulic parameters and hydro- chemical characteristics of groundwater in unite maps from the available previous hydrogeologic studies.5-determination & selection groundwater zones depending on preferable procedures for future significant exploitation aiming to various groundwater uses.


Kasim M. Al-Aubidy; Omar A. Athab; Sufyan T. Faraj

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 112-119
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2010.15560

As computing power becomes cheaper, more and more functionality is being deployed inside computer networks, to provide better services to users. Examples of such services include support for Quality-of-Service (QoS), multicast, mobility and security. Nevertheless, such functionalities are still lacking in most networking systems. Active networking is a step towards enhancing the static and inflexible structures of current networks. This paper focuses on the design and development of technologies that allow rapid deployment of functionality throughout the network. The paper presents the design and implementation of a Windows-Based Active Router (WBAR) architecture, which provides flexibility for the development of future network services. The hardware is based on a personal computer with 2GHz, Intel P4 processor. The designed AR depends on the use of Windows OS and efficient C programming. Windows OS is rarely used in such projects due to complexity of kernel-mode programming.