Print ISSN: 1991-8941

Online ISSN: 2706-6703

Volume 5, Issue 2

Volume 5, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2011, Page 1-108

Capability of Lactobacillus acidophilus supernatant to inhibit production of lipase from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Harith Jabbar Fahad; Hala Muayad Radeef

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 1-5
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44105

The ability of acid supernatants of Lactobacillus acidophilus isolated from a vinegar were
tested against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) with lipolytic activity isolated from acne
pimple. Results revealed a significant effect of cell free supernatant on MRSA isolates in comparison with
control. Furthermore, subinhibitory concentrations of acid supernatants found to be very effective in
inhibiting the production of lipase from biofilm and planktonic cells of MRSA isolates. What's more, acid
supernatants of L. acidophilus showed inhibiting effect on the crude lipase in egg yolk agar plates



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 1-8
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.153131

Agricultural soil extract using central processor glucose 5 g/l and added his
concentration, ranging from 5 to 150 mg/l Cu or Ni, Immunized from derived soil or soil extract for
industrial zone, And then isolated the bacteria Enterobacter sakazakii diagnosed sensitive of 5 mg/l Cu
or Ni fertilised transactions from agricultural soils , As isolated and diagnosed bacteria Proteus vulgaris
as isolated resistance of Cu concentration 60 mg and 150 mg Ni/l of inoculated transactions from soil
industrial zone. And the P. vulgaris that resistance when used heavily microbes 6.2 Log cfu/ml of the
highest ratios of remove components at 46.6% (28 mg Cu/l) & 42% (63 mg Ni/l) after 48 hours the lap,
When you use focus 60 and 150 mg Cu, Ni l, order and isolation resistance P.vulgaris removals rate of
removal coefficient higher than 1.0 reduce concentration of 50 mg Cu/l and 90 mg Ni/l

Prevalence of Gairdia lamblia and Entamoeba histolytic /Entamoeba dispare infections among Children in AL-Shulaa and AL-khadimya –Baghdad-Iraq

Harith Saeed Jaeffer

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 6-10
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44106

The prevalence of Giardia lamblia and Entamoeba histolytica/E.dispare were screened
among 513 children aged less than 12 years in Al-Shulaa and Al-Khadimya - Baghdad, to evaluate the
relationship of some factors (gender, age, grade and type of drinking water) with the prevalence of
these two intestinal protozoal parasites, this study was done during the period from the beginning of
April 2009 till the end of March 2010, in human.The study revealed that the total rate of (G.lamblia and
E. histolytica/ E.dispare) infection was (13.64%), the infectivity rate of G.lamblia was higher than the
infectivity rate of E.histolytica/ E.dispare as their rate was (10.72%) and (2.92%) respectively, and
there was no significant relation (p≤0.05) between infectivity rate of these parasites and each of gender,
age and grade (school and preschool) while there were very high significant relation between the type
of drinking water and infectivity rate of both (G.lamblia and E. histolytica/ E.dispare) the maximum
infectivity rate of (G.lamblia , E.histolytica/ E.dispare) was observed in patients who consumed tap
water (17.56%) while patient who consumed the other kind of drinking water showed the minimum
infectivity rate which was (3.49%).



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 9-18
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.15379

This research was conducted on 75 blood samples randomly selected from 25 persons directly exposed to
electromagnetic field and 25 persons indirectly exposed in addition to 25 persons not exposed to that
electromagnetic field(as a control group). The aim of this study is to know the effect of electromagnetic field
(resulted from electric station) on some physiological blood parameters, and the genetic materials for workers at
these electricity station .The physiological results indicated that there is a significant decrease in the hemoglobin
concentration average at the probability P field as compared to control group; there was a decrease in the compact red blood cell volume average, in the
total number of white blood cells and the percent of lymphocytes, monocytes and oesinophils, However there
was a significant increase in the red blood cell sedimentation ratio and in the neutrophils and basophiles percents
.Statistical results did not indicate any significant difference in the blood platelets ratio among the blood sample
of the three various groups under study .The cytogenetic tests showed no chromosomal number changes within
the samples of the three groups, but there was 14 qesses of structural chromosomal aberrations in the directly
exposal group, seven of which as chromosome fragmentation ,one as chromosome deletion ,three as dicentric
chromosomes, one as a centric chromosomes and two as ring chromosome as compared to four chromosomal
fragmentation in the control group .There was decrease in the cell mitotic index in the persons how are directly
exposed to the electromagnetic field while there was an increased effect on the lymphocytes with the advance of
age and time exposure.In conclusion, the electromagnetic field has a direct and indirect effect on some
physiological blood parameters and the genetic materials through the chromosomal aberration which case
disease and deformation.

Genetic pattern and penetrance of polycystic kidney disease in the Western region of Iraq

Louay Mohammed Alani

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 11-19
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44107

The aims of this study are to identify the genetic pattern, estimation of gene frequency, penterance,
prevalence of PKD, and to furnish an appropriate plan for genetic counselling specific for these families under investigation.
A total of 41 families reside in the western region of Iraq were included in this study. This study showed
that PKD is inherited as an autosomal dominant disease due to the defects in PKD1 gene. Gene frequency was 0.003
and 0.997 for p and q respectively. Genotype frequency was 0.000009, 0.005982 and 0.994009 for p2, 2pq and p2,
respectively. The prevalence of the disease is 3.7/1000. The mutation was originated outside this family. The individual
numberthree from parent generation (Generation- I-3) who is the patient which brought this defected gene to
all of her descendants. Gene flow of the defected gene into these families increased the frequency of p gradually.


Hutaf A.A.Alsalim

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 19-25
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44097

جمعت عینات التربة من حقل مقسم الى خمسة الواح ومزروع بنبات القطن وتم ریه بمیاه ری مختلفة شملت میاه ری اعتیادیة ( 0
تم التحری فی هذه الترب عن وجود .(W و 4 W ومیاه صرف صحی معالجة بطریقتین ( 3 (W ومیاه صرف صحی خام أی غیر معالجة ( 2 (W بئر( 1
فضلا عن حساب Azotobacter spp. والازوتوبکتر Shigella spp. والشیکلا Salmonella spp. والسالمونیلا Escherichia coli بکتریا
وفی Shigella spp. و Salmonella spp. و E.coli ببکتریا W العدد الکلی للبکتریا فی التربة . وجد ان هناک تلوثاً بکتیریا فی التربة 2
بشکل Azotobacter spp. لم یؤثر فی وجود بکتریا W وان تلوث التربة 2 . Salmonella spp. و E.coli ببکتریا W و 4 W التربتین 3
فی بقاء هذه البکتریا . W و 4 W کبیر فی حین اثر تلوث التربتین

Inhibition of swarming in Proteus mirabilis by Alum (Hydrated Aluminum Potassium Sulfate)

Karama Tahreer Ahmed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 20-24
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44109

The antibacterial activity of different concentrations of Alum (Hydrated Aluminum
Potassium Sulfate) were examined against Proteus mirabilis that causes upper urinary tract infections
.During our experiments we found that the following concentrations ( 0.0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7
, 0.8, 0.9 mg/ ml ) were given gradual effect on swarm, a phenotype that was associated with
motility. These concentrations were used to inhibit swarming and motility the two important virulence
factors coupled closely with the ability to invade urothelial cells. The present study revealed that
Alum began significantly inhibited swarming at 0.3 mg/ml for all seven isolates of P. mirabilis that
tested in the study . It was considered that the concentration 0.6 mg/ml completely inhibition the
phenomenon of swarming because the bacteria appear as separated small colony on nutrient agar .
The diameter of swarming was decreased by increasing the concentration of Alum. Although it was
found that this bacteria losses the motility on semi-solid media in 0.6 mg/ ml of alum( Hydrated
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate) after 24 hrs incubation but the Minimum Inhibition Concentration
( MIC ) of Alum was 0.8 mg/ml .The study revealed that Alum has the potential effect against P.

Study on some predelivery immunoparameters in pregnant women in Al-Ramadi city

Noor Naji Al-Hayani

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 25-29
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44110

Serum Protein plays major role to maintain balance of blood, so total protein may be elevated or
decreased due to some pathological & physiological changes in human body during pregnancy period. On the
other hand the serological diagnosis of antibodies level during pregnancy is usually based on the detection of IgG
and IgM antibodies as markers for diagnosis. The aim of this study was to investigate some immunoparameters
including IgM, IgG, and assay of TSP, TSA & TSG in pregnant women attending Maternity & Child Hospital in
Ramadi City, West of Iraq. Sera of 50 pregnant women were collected & quantitative assays by Single Radial
Immunodiffusion test (Mancini test) for detection of (IgM & IgG) concentration & spectrophotometric method for
Total serum protein, Total serum Albumin & Total serum Globulin reader were achieved against these serum
samples.Serum immunoglobulin (IgM & IgG) were measured in 50 pregnant women. (22) with natural delivery &
(28) Cesarean delivery pregnant women. The mean IgG level was increased in pregnant women aged under 25
years, while IgM levels were markedly increased at (25-39) years. A total mean titer for IgG & IgM were found to
be 1006.2071± 408.12282 & 48.8571±28.81962 respectively.Total serum protein reports separate values for total
protein , albumin & Globulin. Values of serum protein reflect high globulin concentration, while albumin
concentration in pregnant women recorded significant differences It is mean values for age group (15-24) & (25-
39) years are 3.4479 ± .72373 & 3.0044±.33212 respectively. There was significant differences in albumin
concentration through age group in pregnant women. Most values of serum routine liver function tests during
normal pregnancy remain below the upper normal limits in no pregnant women. When liver disease is suspected &
considered pathologic further should prompt evaluation. Furthermore, IgG concentration was predominantly
increase in their level during pregnancy in association with transported IgG through placenta to the fetus during
late pregnancy period


Raheem S. Shwakh

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 26-31
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.15302

This result study is a survey of tuberculosis in 2009. This surveyis comported with the
infection from 2004 to 2008. The comparison is based on the type of infection, age, sex, and the programs of
fighting tuberculosis in the governorates.The data is obtained from the Ministry of Health/ Directorate of
Health prevention. Descriptive statistics, which include chi- squire distribution, percentages, and statistical
tables and figures, are used to analyze the data. The result study concludes that the pulmonary tuberculosis
and external pulmonary tuberculosis andtuberculosis Lymphatic glands is increased in males between 15
years old and 45 during 2008 and 2009. The program of fighting tuberculosis Infection proves its affectivity
that many infected cases are treated. The result study recommends increasing the awareness of people of the
dangers of tuberculosis and focusing on the significance of the vaccination, investigation, periodical physical
examination, and the programs of fighting tuberculosis application

Preparation of Polyacetylene Composite with some Plastic and Semiconductor for Electrical Uses

Tariq Abdul-Jalil Mandeel

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 30-40
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44111

Three novel polyacetylenes :
Polyacetylene PAs, 1-ether- benzoic acid-2- ene - propylene (A) .
Polydiacetylene (PDAs), hexa -1,6 diphthalmide - 2- ene – 4 –yne ( B ) ,and
Polyacetylene PAs , 1- phenyl - 3- butyne -1 -ol ( C) .
were prepared through polymerization of three Acetylinic monomers. They were prepared byby
reaction of propargyl bromide, unsaturated alkyl halide RX and With, other various reagents))
Polymerization was carried out by using selective catalyst such as CuCl, PdCl2 complexed of
transition metals with dry and pure oxygen . polymers were extracted , purified and identified by FTIR,
HNMR Spectroscopy and melting points . Electrical conductivity of polymers was studied after
doping with iodine (I2) to increase their conductivities . Composite plastic was prepared from
polymethyl metha acrylate PMMA as the matrix with Polyacetylene as the filler by cast molding the
solution of plastic and polyacetylene was prepared by mixing with THF as solvent. The conductivities
of the composite seem to be close to semiconductors and the results are in agreement with the literature



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 32-48
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44100

The vibration frequencies, IR absorption intensities and normal coordinates of the
Corannulene radical cation and anion were calculated applying the MINDO/3, PM3, (DFT (B3LYP/6-
311G)) quantum mechanical methods. The results allowed proper assignments for the frequencies of
the experimentally known, radical cation vibrations. They provided pre estimation of the radical anion
frequencies. Comparison is done for the frequencies of the ions with those of the neutral Corannulene

Synthesis and characterization of new phthalimides and succinimides substituted with 1,3,4-oxadiazole ring

Ahlam Marouf Al-Azzawi; Hiba Kadhum Yaseen

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 41-52
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44113

A series of new phthalimides and succinimides connected to 1,3,4-oxadiazole moiety
were synthesized via multistep synthesis. The first step involved synthesis of six 5- substituted 2-
amino-1,3,4-oxadiazoles by oxidative cyclization of substituted semicarbazones under treatment
with bromine and anhydrous sodium acetate in glacial acetic acid.The synthesized 2-amino-1,3,4-
oxadiazoles were introduced in reaction with phthalic or succinic anhydride in the second step
producing six N - ( 5- substituted-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-yl) phthalamic acids and six N-(5-substituted
-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-yl) succinamic acids which in turn were dehydrated in the third step via fusion
method or using acetic anhydride and anhydrous sodium acetate as dehydrating agent to afford
the desirable N-(5-substituted -1,3,4-oxadiazole -2-yl) phthalimides and N-(5- substituted -1,3,4-
oxadiazole -2-yl) succinimides respectively.Structures of the prepared compounds were confirmed by
spectroscopic analysis and C.H.N analysis.Some of the synthesized compounds were screened for
their antibacterial activity against two microorganisms, staphylococcus aureous (Gram positive) and
Escherichia coli (Gram negative) and the results indicated that they exhibit good to moderate



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 49-63
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.15271

ABSTRACT.:Density Functional Theory (DFT) of the type (B3LYP) and a Gaussian basis (6-311G)
was applied for calculating the vibration frequencies and IR absorption intensities for normal
coordinates of the ([6] Cyclacene (Chiral), with (D3d) symmetry) molecule. Comparison of the results
showed that for the C-H stretching vibrations the sym. modes show higher frequency values than the
asym. And the inverse for C-C stretching vibrations.
As for the CH and CC deformation the asym. vibrations where of lower frequency values than the
sym.CH str. > asym. CH str.
sym CC str. < asym. CC str.
 C=C str. (circum.) >  C--C str. (axial.) >  C-C str. (circum.)
And,sym. δCH > asym. δCH
sym. CH < asym. CH
δCH (rocking) > δCH (scissoring)
CH (twisting) > CH (wagging)
Where axial are the vertical C-C bonds (annular bonds) in the rings and circumferential are the outer
ring bonds.
The results include the assignment of all puckering, breathing and clock-anticlockwise bending
vibrations. Also calculations and studying the distribution of electronic density on the atoms of the
molecule. They allow a comparative view of the charge density at the carbon atoms too

Spectroscopic Studies in UV region of Different Purified Isoforms of Testosterone Receptors in Human Ovarian Tumor Homogenates.

Bilal Jasir Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 53-63
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44114

:The aim of this study is to characterize the testosterone receptors spectrophotometrically in ovarian tissue homogenates of patients with benign and malignant ovarian tumors. Two groups of ovarian tumor patients were included in this study .Group I contained 31 patients with benign ovarian tumor .Group II consisted of 18 patients with ovarian cancer.Spectroscopic characterization in the UV region was carried out on purified testosterone receptors in human ovarian tumors and the effects of pH and polarity on the spectra were also studied.Spectrophotometric pH titration and several spectral changes were obtained in the presence of different polar and non-polar solvents, like the alteration of max position and intensities of protein spectrum, and the appearance of new chromophores on the surface of protein molecule .These chromophores where embedded in an interior region of the protein in the absence of the solvent. The difference in pH and polarity of the solvents is very important thing to characterize the protein molecules spectrophotometrially because they change the positions and values of molecules λmax in the UV region.


Hatam Abdul-Razzak Taha

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 64-68
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.15376

Element Cu have been deposited on ceramic substrate by use of physical vapor
deposition with plasma aided (Ion plating technology ) . The effect of deposition process parameter on
mechanical properties of copper thin films were studied ( adhesion and microhardness ) . Also effect of
surface nature and temperature annealing have been studied which obtained increase in adhesion and
microhardness with increase in applied voltage and annealing . SEM study show that the smooth surface
have good uniformity and interface type between the film and substrate .

Effect of water absorption on impact strength for epoxy-glass fibers composite

Qayes Abdullah Abbas

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 67-72
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44116

Hand lay-up method was used to prepare sheets of epoxy (EP) reinforced with 12 layers of
(0 -90 ) glass fiber mat with volume fraction equal to 30%. The sheets of Ep- glass fiber composite were
cut to samples with standard dimensions for charpy impact test. The main objective of this research was to
study the effect of water absorption on impact strength for epoxy-12 glass fiber composite. Diffusivity
behavior and diffusion coefficient were investigated. The samples were dividing to three groups immersed
in distilled water for different time, the first group 15 days ,the second group 27 days and the last 39 days at
constant temperature(±20)C the mass gain recorded every 3 days till saturation (M  ) after that the mass
gain decreased .the results showed that the maximum diffusion coefficient (minimum absorption resistance
) was for sample (A),while the minimum diffusion coefficient (maximum absorption resistance) was for
sample (C). The impact strength has been investigated for samples before and after the immersion in
distilled water for different time. The results show that the impact strength decreased with increasing the
time of immersion for samples



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 69-79
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.15377

The present study has been carried out on (20) samples of Staphylococcus aureus which cause disease for
human being and isolated from wounds that for the inpatients of Tikrit teaching hospital / Orthopedics floor .
The effect of Argon Ion laser of (150) mW , wavelength (515) nm and power density (1326.964) W/cm2
continues (CW) has been studied . The study also includes Helium-Neon He-Ne laser with power of (5) mw and
(632.8 )nm wavelength and power density (113.234) W/cm2 with continues wave (CW) .The present study
shows that the exposure of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria to the Argon ion (Ar+) laser after focusing with a lens
( f = 15 cm ) for periods of time (5,10,15,20,25,30,35)min. The relation between radiated areas of the bacteria
exposured to the argon ion laser and exposure time is directly proportional . Because the Gaussian distribution
of the laser beam , the areas exposed to laser are divided into two areas , the first one was dark ,It lies at center (
the bacteria are totally killed ) . The second is around the first area , It was light ( The bacteria are partially killed
) .The study also shows that the exposure of the similar samples of bacteria to Helium-Neon(He-Ne) Laser
under the same conditions dose not show significant effect .

Differential evolution for neural networks learning enhancement.

Abdul Sttar Ismail wdaa

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 79-84
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44119

In this paper ,we use new treatment ,Differential Evolution,, Differential Evolution (DE) has been used to
determine optimal value for ANN parameters such as learning rate and momentum rate and also for weight
optimization. In ANN, there are many elements need to be considered, and these include the number of input nodes,
hidden nodes, output nodes, learning rate, momentum rate, bias parameter, minimum error and activation/transfer
functions. Three programs have developed; Differential Evolution Neural Network (DENN), Genetic Algorithm Neural
Network (GANN) and Particle Swarm Optimization with Neural Network (PSONN) to probe the impact of these
methods on ANN learning using various datasets. The results have revealed that DENN has given quite promising
results in terms of convergence rate and smaller errors compared to PSONN and GANN.

Anticline axes displacement between Fatha and Jeribe formation of structures In the south Hemreen area (Central Iraq ) from seismic evidence


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 85-92
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44120

The present study is concerned with interpretation of the available seismic data in the
South Hemreen area ( Central Iraq ) , the aim of this study is to measure the amount of apparent
anticline axes displacement between Fatha Formation (surface) and Jeribe Formation (sub surface) ,
The maximum of the value is noted at the crest of the anticline , so 1250m , 1350m , and 2800m at
crest Injana , Khashem Al-Ahmar and Munsuria anticlines respectively. While the horizontal stress
( NE-SW) was lead to folded and faulted the sedimentary cover and displace the Fatha Formation
horizontally , where its salty rocks played an important role in this displacement

Facies Analysis and Paleoenvironments of the Lower Jurassic Silisiclastic-Carbonate Succession, Western Iraq

Ali D.Gayara; Amir S.Al-Gibouri

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 93-102
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44121

The Lower Jurassic Silisiclastic-Carbonate Succession of Western Iraq consist(from
bottom to up) of Ubaid, Hussiniyat, and Amij succession. They were deposited within a variety of
continental, transitional and marine environments. Microfacies analysis of the Ubaid Formation reflect
deposition in different environments within the carbonate platform. Lithofacies analysis of the clastic
unit of the Hussiniyat Formation reflect deposition within a meandering river system, the Coastal plain
facies can also be recognized within the lower part of the upper carbonate unit. The Amij succession
consist of a lower clastic unit with few carbonate interbeds and an upper carbonate unit. This
succession consist of a wide range of lithofacies reflecting the different subenvironments of fluvial,
transitional and shallow marine environments. The activity of the Rutba uplift and Anah Graben
during the Early Jurassic greatly affected the paleogeography of the basin in the study area

Gout Images Detection and Recognition by Neural Network

Hind Rostom Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 103-108
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2011.44190

Gout skin detection and tracking has been the topics of an extensive research for the several
past decades. Many heuristic and pattern recognition based strategies have been proposed for achieving
robust and accurate solution.This paper demonstrates how a Gout skin detection recognition system can be
designed with artificial neural network. Note that the training process did not consist of a single call to a
training function. Instead, the network was trained several times on various input ideal and noisy images,
the images which contents Gout skin . The objective of this study was to develop a back propagation
artificial neural network (ANN) model that could distinguish gout image by several parameters for testing
are Energy , Entropy , Average andVariance. Although only the color indices associated with image pixels
were used as inputs, it was assumed that the ANN model could develop the ability to use other information,
such as shapes, implicit in these data. The 756x504 pixel images were taken in the field and were then
cropped to 100x100-pixel images in testing phase. A total of ٨٠ images of gout image and other images
were used for training purposes. For ANNs, the success rate for classifying gout image was as high as
100% .