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Online ISSN: 2706-6703

Volume 10, Issue 2

Volume 10, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2016, Page 1-100

Effect of demographic factors in pediculosis prevalence

Sabah Ibrahim Hammadi; Abdullah Saleh AL-Hassan; Saif Subhy Noori

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 1-9
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132593

The study was conducted on students of primary schools for the people of the displaced provinces ( Anbar, Tikrit and Mawsil ) who are suffering in their housing overcrowding and low living standards and low level of health.
This study depends on the analysis of recorder information in special document (questionnaire) prepared for this purpose and includes some demographic factors such as age , gender , socioeconomic level , occupation , head hairs long and education level of parents…..etc. The total number of samples was (2170) students, (371) student were infected, their ages were (6_14) year.The number of infected samples were registered by direct examination with the naked eye for the heads of the students, the number of lice instars were recorded by using magnifying hand lens and the lice instars were isolated from infected samples using special combs to remove lice from an infected hairs.The results of this study reveals highly significant differences in pediculosis prevalence between male, and female which was (19.41 , 80.59)% respectively. The results reveals also that high number of infections were in the ages (7, 6, 9) year which was (20.49 , 19.14 , 12.2)% respectively.It reveals also that there is highly significant differences between infected students and head hairs long, high infected cases recorded in long hair students compared with short hair students which was (55.53 , 44.47)% respectively.We also found that the family size has significant effect in pediculosis prevalence, high infections was in family size (9 and more person) compared with family size (3_5) person which was (44.47 , 13.21)% respectively.The study also showed presence of highly significant differences between pediculocides which are used in lice killing , Nyda and Kwell-p are more effective in killing ratio (80.43 , 75.96)%, while the lotion Tic-Tac revealed less killing ratio (38.46)%.And it is found that the factor (live with relatives) is the most important factor for the transmission and prevalence of pediculosis between students, the ratio of infection is (33.15)% compared another factors.

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel 1,3-oxazepin-4-ones derivatives via Schiff Bases Reactions with Phthalide

Obaid H. Abid; Rasim F. Muslim; Khalid M. Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 1-9
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132705

A number of novel 1,3-oxazepin-4-ones derivatives were synthesized by acid-catalyzed cycloaddition reaction of Schiff bases with Phthalide in anhydrous THF under dry and reflux conditions with high yields. Schiff bases were synthesized by thermal condensation reaction of aromatic aldehydes, ketones or prepared chalcones with aromatic primary amines. The products were identified by their melting point, FT-IR, UV-Vis., 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectra


Ahmed kh. abdallah; Sajid Salahuddin Saleem; abdaljabbar a.ali

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 10-16
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132594

The study included isolate and diagnose some fungi from possible contamination sites in Al-Ramadi city. And inoculated the liquid culture media contaminated with differing concentrations of lead and chromium by this fungus and two periods 7 and 14 days. results showed the fungus Fusarium sp. records the highest rate of removal of lead and chromium, and the duration of has no effect mentioned on the rate of removal of the lead and chromium, as the relationship between increase in lead and chromium concentration in the liquid media and the ability of fungi on removal was inverse.

Green synthesis of silver Nano particles by using (Rheum) extract and its anti-bacterial activity

Nazhan M. Hamady; Abdulalah T. Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 10-17
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132706

Silver nano particles have wide potentials in the medicine and other fields. There are many approaches used to synthesis Ag NPs: Chemical, physical and green approach. Green approach favorited over other methods, because it is simple, ecofriendly, cheap. In this work we synthesized Ag NPs using stem of Rheum. This plant used by humans as dietary material ,and found in the hills .Added silver nitrate solution to Rheum extract gragualy, appear yellow color solution indicated on formation Ag NPs as a result of Surface Plasmon Resonance. Ag NPs was characterized by using different techniques , uv-visible spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and Zeta potential which provide that Ag NPs was stable without addition stabilizing agent .Ag NPs used in medical field as active anti-bacterial against three pathogens bacteria, Staph-aureus G+,proteus G+,E-coli G-.

The Synergistic Effect of Sesamum Oil and Antibiotics on Streptococcus mutans Isolated from the Teeth and its Role in Inhibition of Some Virulence Factors


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 17-28
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132595

This study included the collection of 52 dental swabs samples from patients suffering from infection of the teeth, the microscopic and biochemical tests was conducted and a selective media were used for the diagnosis of bacterial isolates that were isolated. The results showed the represented of Streptococcus mutans with infection rate 30.7%. The effect of fourteen antibiotics were studied toward 46 Streptococcus mutans isolates by disk diffusion method and the most resistant one to antibiotics was selected that was possessed pattern of multiple drug resistance towards(11-12) antibiotic. The virulence factors of the bacteria was investigated and the results showed the ability of these isolates to Biofilm, formation and production of Haemolysin, bacteriocin, protease, gelatinase, and sidrophores. Sesamum seeds were collected and diagnosed, oil was prepared and cellular toxicity and its PH were evaluted and the antimicrobial activity of oil against Streptococcus mutans by disk diffusion method was performed. The study showed that the Sesamum oil has a highly inhibition effect against Streptococcus mutans. The results of the statistical analysis showed the significant difference to the antibiotic synergistic with Sesamum oil, and developing isolates in the culture media containing Sesamum with minimum inhibition concentration changed their sensitivity towards the antibiotics compared with sensitivity before treatment, the isolate lost its ability to produce biofilm,and production of haemolysin, bacteriocin, and gelatinase, and reduced production for protease, while Sidrophores production was not affected.

Study of some physicochemical properties and bioactivity of gum extracted from Linum usitatissimum

Ahmed A. Al-Kubaisi; Fouad H. Kamel; Sabri M . Hussein

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 18-21
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132707

Gum was extracted from linseed (Linum usitissimum) in north of Iraq, which it annual growth plant. Organoleptic characterization of: color, odor, taste, fracture and texture. Physico-chemical properties were determined: pH, bulk density, tapped density, bulkiness, swelling index, ash values, carr's index, Hausner's ratio and angle of repose. Thin Layer Chromatography paper was used to monitor the extracted saccharides by comparing the spots with the of the standards and flow rate Rf calculated. The FT-IR spectrum of the product showed an absorption bands at 3666.29 cm-1(–OH), 2966.76 cm-1(C-H), 2640.44 cm-1 (C=C), 1826.62 (C=O), 1420.04 (C-H bend). Anti-microbial activity evaluated of the gum and observed that gum does not any significant antibacterial activity such as cell wall destruction.

Attractor selection in semiconductor laser chaos generated by optoelectronic feedback

Salam K. Mousa; Qassim M. Jamil; Kais .A. Al Naimee

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 22-29
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132708

In this paper, an experimental and numerical study for the evolution of the non-linear dynamics of semiconductor laser has been done under two conditions, when the dc bias current of Semiconductor laser is varied, and when the feedback strength is varied. These dynamics were analyzed by time series and their extracted(FFT) power spectrums, phase diagrams (attractors),inter-spike intervals(ISI), these measurements enhanced by bifurcation diagram which explained the chaotic regimes. The stability states using different control parameters have been demonstrated. The role of control parameters of laser such as: dc bias current and feedback strength is proved in spiking generation and chaos control in the laser output.

Comparative study for adding some medical plants powders to the rasion with Amprolium on hematology, serology and productive properties of broiler chickens Rose 308

Sami A. Alkubaisy

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 29-39
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132596

The purpose of the study is to mix some medicinal plant powders with the food diet and to compare them with the Amberolium antibiotic and to study their effect as dietary aids in improving the hematological , serological, and productive characteristics of the broiler chickens (Rose 308).The four types of medicinal plants were added to the Rose308 broiler Rosemary ,peel of pomegranate, pine and willow plants, and treatment of amberolium was added to water at a concentration of 0.5 g / L. our research includes studies the following : complete blood pictures, biochemical blood parameters ,and all the results oversoften to SSD statistic programs.The results of the study showed that the cumulative performance characteristics of the period (1-42 days) showed significant differences (P< 0.05) For the treatment of control compared with other treatments. It was found that the best treatment in improving the performance characteristics when mixed with the diet and calculating the length of time of breeding period and the body's resistance to diseases and the percentage of losses is the treatment to which the pomegranate powder was added compared with the production characteristics of the other treatments and compared with the control , And the treatment was reduced from the loss rate. The efficiency of the pomegranate peel powder to the type of active ingredient may have been widely used in commercial medical treatments, and the blood parameters ratios of this treatment were closely correlated with the control ratios. As it had an active role in increasing the amount of( Hb , RBC and Platelate) and lower the levels of ESR compared with control and the rest of the other transactions, either serological factors which include: (Total serum protein, albumins, uric acid, creatinine)& (Lipid TC, TG, HDL).It was also found that giving some natural extracts of plants has led to a significant stability of the serological factors. (lipid TC, TG, HDL), and some natural extracts of plants have resulted in significant stability in the results, The final results of our study found that peel of pomegranate powder was the best treatment in terms of improvement of the performance traits and the indicators of the hemolytic , serological and ionic characteristics, while the lowest of the above indicators was in the powder of rosemary leave.

Jordan Homomorphism on ΓM- Modules

Sind K. Ibrahim

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 30-34
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132709

The aim object of this paper is present and study the concepts of homomorphism and Jordan homomorphism on -module and prove that every Jordan homomorphism from -ring M Into prime -module X is either a homomorphism from M into X or anti-homomorphism from M into X.

Effectiveness of Selection Mechanisms on the efficiency of Multi Parent Crossover Operator

Esam Taha Yassen

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 35-46
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132710

Multi-parent crossover has been proven its ability to address many of combinatorial optimization problems such as the traveling salesman problem and the vehicle routing problem with time windows. The successful use of multi-parent crossover arises from its abilities to enhance the search performance via utilizing information exchanged by more than two parents and inheriting by offspring. These parents are selected according to one of the selection mechanisms. Selecting the most appropriate parents for a crossover process might leads to improving the effectiveness of genetic algorithm. Therefore, this work investigates the effect of selection mechanism on the efficiency of multi-parent crossover. To test this, seven selection mechanisms have been used; random selection mechanism, roulette wheel mechanism, stochastic universal sampling mechanism, tournament selection mechanism, best selection mechanism, single best-couple random selection mechanism and couple best- single random selection mechanism. The performance of the proposed algorithm is tested using Solomon VRPTW benchmark. The experimental results show the superiority of multi-parent crossover that employs the selection mechanism which selects the outstanding individuals to form most of parents over multi-parent crossover that employ other selection mechanisms. This demonstrates the efficiency of employing best parents in a crossover process that can assist the search process to attain a better solution.


Talib A. Hussein

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 40-50
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132597

Some hematological and biochemical analysis were conducted on80 children from newborn chemistry birth in the Central Child Hospital in Baghdad during the period from 2014 12 1 up to 2015 3 1 the cases were divided in to three groups of secondary and is not a total ABO in compatibility and lack of Rh factor in compatibility and other factors, and the percentages were 13.11% -13 0.31% -55.55%, respectively. and the results have been statistically compared with a control group consisting of 35 children from newborns They have physiological jaundice It was found the following .total serum bilirubin was higher in the cases at aerate of 18,80mgdl when compared with the control group 8,70mgdl this difference was statistically significant(p<0.001) packed cell value( p c v) was lower in the cases at rate of (47,12%)when compared with The control group54,10% this difference was statistically significant(p<0.01), the hemoglobin in the cases was lower(14,66gdl) when compared with the control group(17,29gdl) % this difference was statistically significant(p<0.01). A haemagalutination test of blood group and RH factor were performed for all neonates and their mother lt has been found that blood groups of the baby and RH of the mother were significant(p<0.01),(p<0,05) respectively. A forma was designed to collect information including the age of the neonates(in hours) sex, weight Gestational(in week) type of feeding- BY comparing statistically the cases and control group we found the following-the lower weight was statistically significant in the prevalence and jaundice neonates(p<0,05) also it has role in the severity of the jaundice (p<0.01), prematurity was of statistically significant role (p<0.05) ,most of the jaundice neonates depends on breast feeding (p<0,05) and type of feeding has significant role in the severity of the jaundice (p<0.01). While thefactors that not effect on neonatal jaundice are age of the neonatal (in hours),sex.

دراسة إمراضیة نسیجیة لتأثیرات العزلة المحلیة لفیروس Spodoptera littoralis Nucleopolyhedrovirus على یرقات دودة ورق القطن Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) فی العراق


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 51-55
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132598

The aim of this current study is to focus on the histopathological changes that happens to the midgut of the cotton leaf worm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd) larvae especially in the Peritrophic membrane as a main defense line against the occulosion bodies OBs (A crystalline protein matrix which occludes the nucleocapsids) of the Spodoptera littoralis nucleopolyhedrovirus from a local Iraqi isolation that was used as a biological control factor to control this pest. The high specialty of the baculovirus when used as a biological control factor for certain insect families has an important role in full control programs to control pests, especially the SpoNPV virus which is highly specialized in infecting the cotton leaf worm S. littoralis larvae. And it was pointed out by results that there was dissociation and disintegration in the midgut Peritrophic membrane of the larva of the cotton leaf worm at the forth larva stage after 24 hours of exposing them to semi-synthesized nutrition with OBs of the SpoNPV. The microscopic test of the cross section of the larva's midgut showed that after 72 hours of viral infection virus particles have speeded through the rest of the inner tissue of the digestive system and invaded it to reach the fat bodies and tracheal system up to the dermis tissues and the outer cuticle cells of the larva. According to the results of the histopathological study of the infected S. littoralis with the SpoNPV, the virus is considered to be an effective, specialized and ecological safe biological control factor to control this serious pest.

Evaluation of The Bacterial Content Removal and Treatment of Some Chemical Parameters in Waters of Tigris River and Wells in Baghdad City By Using Home Water Treatment System

Doaa D. Salman; Mahmood M. Al-Mahdawi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 56-62
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132599

This study was conducted to assess the efficiency of home water treatment system for removing bacterial content and reducing concentrations of some chemical agents (calcium, magnesium, sulfate and chlorides) by treating samples of river water and well water. Results Bacteriological tests showed that the system highly efficient in removing bacterial content after it exceeded the standard value of total number of aerobic bacteria in the Iraqi water quality standard and the World Health Organization (WHO) for drinking water quality, which reached before treatment 21x105 and 16x105 (cellml) in both waters samples of river and wells, respectively.
The results showed high efficiency of the system for reducing the concentrations of calcium, sulfates and chlorides in both of river and wells waters, which made them identical with the Iraqi and WHO standards in exception of the sulfate concentration in the wells water, which remained higher than the Iraqi standards. The study indicate that the concentration of magnesium has decreased significantly after treatment in both waters, but it remained higher than Iraqi and WHO standards, while in wells it exceeded the Iraqi standards only.
The results of the statistical tests indicate a significant effect of treatment on reducing the concentrations of calcium and sulfate in both raw waters, while it had no significant effects on reducing concentration of magnesium in river water and chlorides concentration in wells water.

Role of oxidant-antioxidant balance on incidence of unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion at first trimester of pregnancy

Hiba M. Saleem; thaer A. SALIH

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 63-71
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132600

The present study was aimed to investigate one of the causes for unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion at first trimester of pregnancy by determining the levels of Oxidative stress (Malondialdehyde) and determine the levels of Antioxidant defense system(Superoxide dismutase, Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity, Total Antioxidant Capacity)on pregnant women with unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion at first trimester of pregnancy compared with control group, as well as study the relationship between maternal age and the incidence of recurrent spontaneous abortion .This study has been accomplished using 60 of blood samples of women in Baghdad and have been divided into 50 pregnant women with unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion at first trimester of pregnancy (patients) and 10 pregnant women at first trimester of pregnancy without any history of recurrent abortion (control).The results of statistical analysis of the present study showed: There was a significant increase in percentage and number of incidence of abortion with Aging of pregnant women who had unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion at first trimester of pregnancy compared with control group and the highest percentage was found in women age greater than 35 years (47.368%) of more than four cases of occurrences Unexplained Recurrent Abortion at first trimester of pregnancy .There was a significant increase (P≥0.05) in level of MDA in pregnant women with unexplained recurrent abortion at first trimester of pregnancy compared with control group, and there was a significant decrease(p ≤ 0.05) in level of Antioxidant SOD , TEAC , TAC in patients compared with control group .

Histological variation resulting from the injection of bacteria P.aeruginosa and crud protease enzyme and partially purified in white mice

Wafaa T. Radef; Ammen S. Badwi; Dhafer F. Al-Rawi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 72-80
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132601

Studied the effects Histopathological of stuck bacterial P.aeruginosa and enzyme protease crude and Partially purified in the liver and kidney of rats injected and by 0.1 and 0.05 μl b.w, results Showed that bacterial Stuck and crude enzyme protease and partially purified caused variations satisfactory textile in each of the liver tissue, kidney Where Histological sections showed in the liver occurrence of variations differing including thickness in the central vein central vein, and vascular congestion blood vessels congestion and infiltration unilateral cell nucleus mononucleotide cells infiltration, and degeneration vacuolar vacuolated degeneration as well as the presence of foci of multiple necrotic, while the Histological sections of the college showed bleeding bloody, thickness of the wall of blood vessels, and break in the tubule and the presence of the fiber has been concluded from the current study that patients with stuck bacterial effect of most of the crude enzyme, while the effect of the enzyme purified less than a crude enzyme.

Relationship between arginase activity and renal function in sera of patients with the two types of diabetes mellitus

Rafah R. Hameed i; Gufran Sh. Ahmed; Tawfeeq F. Al-Auqb

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 81-89
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132703

Biochemical study was carried out to evaluate the activity of organs in sera of patients with two types of diabetes mellitus-DM ( 1 and 68 of type II ) as compared with healthy individuals as a control group. Biochemical parameters in the sera of groups which include: serum glucose,renal function-urea, creatinine and uric acid, the results indicate that the level of serum glucose,urea and creatinine significantly increased in the sera of patients with type I and II of diabetes militias as compared with a control group with no significant change in sera of patients with the two types of DM for uric acid as compared with the control group.The result showed significant change between control and patients with DM for serum arginase activity, and between the two types of DM, in which the mean±SD were (2.702±0.673)μmol/L/min in sera of type I of DM and (2.384±0.577) μmol/L/min for type II, the results indicate that the level of the enzyme significantly slightly higher in type I than type II. The correlation between the arginase activity and other biochemical parameters in patients with the two types of DM and control were studied, from the results we conclude that the activity of arginase was the effect by the disease (two types of DM), and the effect was slightly higher by type two of DM.

Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of the ternary Polymeric Blend prepared from Different materials (Thermosets, Thermoplastic and Elastomer) for Structural Applications

Sihama I. Salih; Wleed B. Salih; Mustafa S. Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 90-100
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.132704

In this paper, prepare a set of ternary polymer blend , consisting of thermosets material which is (unsaturated polyester resin (UP)) and thermoplastic material (poly methyl methacrylate(PMMA)) and elastomers material which is natural rubber material (Natural Rubber (NR)) by hand lay-out technique. the basis material was prepared from the blend of binary polymeric materials (polyester (UP) 98% with natural rubber (NR)% 2)) then the material of (poly methyl methacrylate( PMMA)) was added by weight % (0,5,10,15) to binary polymer blend and according to the following formula: [ (100-X) % UP: X% PMMA) + 2% NR]. The research study included the effect of addition of weight percentages of poly (methyl methacrylate) PMMA) on the blends properties ternary polymer blend, and test the mechanical & physical properties like (the tensile strength and modulus tensile elasticity and compressive strength, and flexural strength , impact and fracture toughness and hardness and thermo- physical properties like thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity beside specific heat) , all of these tests were conducted under laboratory temperature, the results showed that the values (tensile strength and modulus tensile elasticity, flexural modulus and impact strength and fracture toughness and hardness and thermal properties thermal conductivity and specific heat) increases with the weight ratios of the (poly methyl methacrylate) in tri- polymer blend. While values the compressive strength, flexural strength and thermal diffusivity decreases with the increase in the weight ratios of the (poly methyl methacrylate(PMMA)) in the the polymeric blends.