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Online ISSN: 2706-6703

Volume 10, Issue 3

Volume 10, Issue 3, Summer and Autumn 2016, Page 1-108

Molecular identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lectins (LecA and LecB) by using polymerase chain reaction

Ahmed N. Hami; Safaa A. Lateef Al Maeny; Mohamed I. Nader

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 1-7
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.134878

One hundred fifty-two (152) clinical samples included burns, otitis, and wounds samples and were collected from some Baghdad hospitals. About cystic fibrosis samples, 6 samples were obtained from postgraduate students in Institute of Genetic Engineering. Also, 67 environmental samples were collected. After isolation and identification, 83 isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa had been identified. Fifty-four (54) isolates, includes 44 clinical isolates and 10 eco isolates, were selected to investigate the Susceptibility Test toward 11 types of antibiotics. 35 isolates were selected for the discovering tests of 16S rRNA , LecA and LecB gene. Indeed, the bacterial isolates exhibited a high resistance against Ampicillin, Amoxicillin and Nalidixic acid; then decreased against Cefotaxime, Ceftazidimim, Tetracycline, Amikacin, Augmantin, Vancomycin, and Chloramphenicol, while the antibiotic Imipenem recorded a low resistance . The results of electrophoresis for PCR productions of gene 16S rRNA, which considered identification gene, showed peaks in the suspected size (956 bp) in all clinical and environmental isolates. The results of electrophoresis for the detection of LecA gene , LecB bands in the size of (369 and 226 base pairs) respectively for all isolates . From another hand, these results showed peaks for LecA and LecB genes with sizes 369 and 226 pb respectively for all clinical and environmental isolates.

The Physiological Influence of Prostate size and Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) on The Concentrations of some Hormones and Biochemical Compounds for Males in Salah Alden Governorate

Wahbi A. Salman

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 1-7
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135149

This study was conducted to investigate the effect of differencein prostate big size benign and prostate specific antigen (PSA) concentrations on some biochemical (Glucose , Cholesterol , Acid Phosphatase) and hormones(ACTH , Estrogen , Testosterone ) in the men patients having prostatic hyperplasia and compared with healthy men. The study was carried for 60 patients males infected by the prostatic hyperplasia and 40 healthy males, there ages were ranged between (47 – 90 years). The results show that high significant increased (P ≤0.05) in all patients categories(20 – 40 mm3), (41 – 60) ,( 61 – and more) mm3 of prostatic with BPH in the(Glucose, Cholesterol, Acid Phosphatase ACTH and estrogen) compared with a healthy men. There is significant (P ≤0.05) increased in the patients prostate size category of (61 – more mm3) compared with the otherpatients categories(20 – 40 mm3), (41 – 60 mm3) in the (Glucose , Acid Phosphatase , ACTH and estrogen) parameters , while the healthy men was increased significant (P ≤0.05) in the testosterone compared with all patients prostate size categories. On the other hand the all categories for the PSA concentrations (0-3.5) , (3.6-7.0), (7.1 and more) ng/ml are increase significant (P ≤0.05) in prostatic patients compared with healthy men in the components (Glucose , Cholesterol , Acid Phosphatase ACTH) and significant increase (P ≤0.05) in healthy testosterone compared with all PSA categories of prostatic patients. The high PSA category (7.1 and more)ng/ml gives the high concentrations in (Glucose, Cholesterol, Acid Phosphatase ACTH) and a significant effect (P ≤0.05) between the the patients categories

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel1,3,4,9a-Tetrahydrobenzo[e][1,3]oxazepin-5(5aH)-one Derivativesvia Cycloaddition Reactions ofSchiff Bases

Obaid H. Abid; Rasim F. Muslim; Khalid M. Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 8-18
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135150

A series of novel1,3,4,9a-tetrahydrobenzo[e][1,3]oxazepin-5(5aH)-one derivatives were synthesized by the reaction of Schiff bases with bicyclo]2.2.2[oct.7-ene-2,3,5,6-tetracarboxylic anhydridein anhydrous acetonitrile under dry and reflux conditionswith high yields via polar cycloaddition. Schiff bases were synthesized by the reaction of aromatic aldehydes, ketones or preparedchalcones with primary aromatic amines. The products were identified by their melting point,FT-IR, UV-Vis-spectra, 1H-NMR and13C-NMR spectra.

Some factors affecting the sulphonation of polystyrene

Dhari.M. Abdullah

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 19-21
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135151

A commercial packing polystyrene had been modified via sulphonation process yielding an efficient ion-exchanger for softening of water . Some factors that have to do with such transformation had been followed up . It had been found that sulphonation conditions, molecular weight, residence time and additives have roles to play.

Genotyping Of ABO gene In Iraqi Population Sample By Using PCR-RFLP Technique

Qabas H. Alawee; Louay M. Abdou; Saad M. AL-Nida

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 20-29
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.134879

The aim of this study was the molecular detection of ABO gene and identify the patterns of alleles in Iraqi population sample. The study consisted of 100 unrelated individuals who appear to be healthy. The blood samples were used for detecting of blood groups and genotyping of ABO gene allele by using PCR-RFLP technique. The DNA was extracted by using extraction kit which gave relatively high yield concentration (40- 110 ng/µl), And purity within the optimal range. DNA concentration was adjusted to the proper concentration of PCR reaction. ABO gene was amplified by using two sets of specific primers for ABO locus with required alleles. Two separate segments of the glycosyltransferase gene containing nucleotide 261 in exon 6 and nucleotide 703 in exon 7 of ABO gene were amplified. The first set was used for the amplification of 468pb DNA fragment, Which contain the nucleotide 261. The second set was used to amplify 298bp DNA fragment, Which contain the nucleotide 703. Digestion products were run on 2% agarose gel, All fragments were compared with DNA ladder and there sizes were determined. The electrophoresis patterns of 100 samples showed that ABO genotypes were 5(4.0218%) AA, 23(23.9782%) AO, 2(3.3191%) BB, 24(22.6809%) BO, 8(8%) AB and 38(38%) OO. The O2 allele was encountered in this study. The study also showed that there is no difference when comparing the Phenotype with the Genotype.

Preparation and Characterization of Derivatives of Pyrimidines in two ways Clascical and Microwave

Waleed AL-Hiti; Samea J.Khammase; Bushra T.Mahdi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 22-34
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135152

This study includes synthesis and characterization of new pyrimidine derivatives (R or Ar-2,3,4,6,7,8-hexahydroquinazolin-5(1H)-one), via of the reaction from cyclohexane-1,3-dione with aldehyde derivatives and guanidinehydrochlorid. Usingabsolute ethanol as a solvent .This mixture was refluxed for (4 – 6) hrs;While maintaining the pH at 6. The same derivatives of pyrimidine were prepared in microwave waytechnique.The prepared compounds were characterized by melting point , FT-IR , UV-Vis 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopy

Detection of genetic diversity for number of Iraqi maize cultivars (Zea mays L.) by using the RAPD-PCR technique

Muataz A. Farhan; Abdul Majeed A. Hamadi

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 30-38
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.134880

Abstract:In this study six varieties of maize (Zea mays L.) used which where Z. mays saccharata (Z1), Z. mays indurate (Z2), Z. mays indentata (Z3), Z. mays everta (Z4), Z. mays tunicate (Z5) and Z. mays amylacea (Z6), and (10) RAPD primers for detection of the genetic variation among the DNA of these varieties and determine the genetic relationship among them and also determine the genetic fingerprint. the mount of DNA was between (65-90) microgram for each (1) gram of the leaves of these varieties after isolation the genomic DNA by (CTAB) method with purity range between (1.5-1.85) and interfering (PCR) reactions and then electrophoresis on agarose gel.The results of RAPD reactions showed that the primer (OPW-09) didn't show amplified results while nine primers appear (277) band, (120) bands are monomorphic and the percent (43.32%), (157) bands polymorphic and at percent (56.67%). The results of genetic diversity appeared the RAPD is the least value of the genetic diversity was (0.21349) between the varieties (Z2, Z5) and the highest value was (0.56484) between (Z1, Z5). according to genetic analysis for the results, the dendogram divided in to three major groups, the first major group include (Z1), and the second group (Z6) only while the third major group was divided in to three minor groups. The first minor group contained (Z4) and the second group (Z3) while the third group includes (Z2, Z5).


JassimMohammed Salih

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 35-40
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135153

Using thermal evaporation, metal-semiconductor and metal-insulator-semiconductor thin-films were prepared. By using experimental I-V and activation energy measurements, it was determined that barrier height ( ) increases as the thickness of the insulator increases.

Study The Effect of Ginger Oil on Plasmid Content and Biofilm of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli That Isolated From The Teeth

Fatima. A. Awad; Laith M. Najeeb

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 39-46
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.134881

The study included collection of 52 clinical samples from patients suffering from teeth infections, Microscopic and biochemical tests was conducted and a selective media were used for the diagnosis of bacterial isolates that isolated from the teeth. The results of this study showed abacterial isolates Staphylococcus aureus arate 21.3%, while the Escherichia coli were 10.7%. The effect of fourteen antibiotic was studied on all bacterial isolates which were 48 isolates by disk diffusion method and two isolates were represented the most resistant to antibiotics that was possessed pattern of multiple drug resistance towards(11-12) antibiotic among fourteen counter. The biofilm formation of the two bacterial species was investigated, the results showed the ability of all isolates to formation abiofilm. The oil was extracted from the collected and diagnosed ginger cellular toxicity, ph and the minimum inhibitory concentration were be tested toward the bacteria. The results of the statistical analysis showed that the isolates lost the ability to produce biofilm. The ability of oil to neutralize plasmids was tested and results showed the ability of ginger oil to neutralize plasmids.

Root-Stem Approach in General Analyzer System for Arabic Language (RSGAS)

Abeer K.Al-Mashhsdany; Abdulwadood K. Al-Mashhadany; Waleed K. Al-Mashhadany

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 41-49
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135154

Many application programs require knowledge from the user. In such programs, number of problems may occur. Problems related to natural language understanding such as; typos, duplication, similarity, and inconsistent knowledge. So, the analysis of text is very important in such programs. A previous work was done to solve problems of natural language understanding. That work build Arabic analyzer and merge it with a shell hybrid system. This work attempts to build a general Arabic Analyzer system, so that it could be merged with other programs to solve the natural language understanding problems. This work attempts to correct the previous Arabic analyzer, so its dictionary will be smaller. Morphology in this work merges root-based with stem-based approach. This merging forces this work because it gains the advantages of the two approaches. Root-based approach gives the advantage of smaller size. Stem-based approach gives the advantage of passing the problem of irregular cases. This work is compared with other two valued techniques. Results of the comparison show that this work has a lot of advantages over the previous techniques.

Genetic Diagnosis of tox A and las B Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from different clinical sources.

Mohammed E. Altaai; Jamal A. Alhadithy; Wissam K. Al Swediawy

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 47-56
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135141

P.aeruginosa bacteria are opportunistic pathogens capable of infection almost every tissue in the body as a result of possessing a large variety of virulence factors which significantly contribute to the pathogenicity of the host events.In this study, the collection of 90 different clinical sample belonging to the sources, for detection the spread of P.aeruginosa in these sources and study some of virulence factors genes possessed by these bacteria. Diagnosed develop isolated after planted on different growth media through phenotypic traits and microscopic examinations, as well as molecular diagnostics definitive diagnosis of isolates that give a positive result as bacteria P.aeruginosa during the previous tests were depending on the gene diagnosis 16SrDNA with a special bacterial sequence of P.aeruginosa. Diagnostic results showed that 47 isolated a 52% belonging for the type of P.aeruginosa that were divided on 15 isolates 31.9% of cases of burns infections, 13 isolates 27.6% of cases of wound infections, 10 isolates 21.3% of cases of middle ear infections, 5 isolates 10.7% of cystic fibrosis, 4 isolates 8.5% of cases of urinary tract infections. It has been investigating the prevalence of tox A gene that encoded to external toxin A (ETA), and las B gene that encoded to elastase enzyme using (PCR) technique, as the results showed the presence of both genes by 100% within the genetic structure of the isolates of P.aeruginosa under study, and despite the higher in all isolates studies cannot be adopted as indicators diagnostic of these bacteria as substitutes for other genes diagnostic because low sensitivity, as well as being the genes of the most prone to mutations.

Effect of different temperatures on some vital traits of the parasiteAphidiusmatricariae( Haliday )

Waad H. Awad; Juhaina D. Mohammed

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 57-61
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135142

The study showed that the temperature impact on some of the vital qualities of an intruder Aphidiusmatricariae when his breeding at different temperatures ,As the results of the study showed that the treatment of thermal 20 C outperformed morally and gave the highest number of mummies extent of 37-45 and an average of 42.33 ± 4.16 mummy.Followed by treatment of spam raising the temperature 30 C the number of mummies given the extent of 11-14 and an average 12.33 ± 1.52 mummy .While at breeding this Parasites thermal 10 C gave the least number of mummies and reached long- 1-3 and an average 2 ± 1 mummy . And an average of 18.88 in the recipetically .And that the temperature effect on the proportion of the eggs to hatch as thermal treatment 20C given higher proportion of hatching the extent of 74-90 and an average of 84.66 ± 9.23 hatch eggs Excelled morally so the rest of the transactions , followed by treatment of spam raising the thermal 30 C extent of 36-46 and an average of 40.66 ± 5.03 hatched egg , while recorded the treatment 10C lowest percentage for the eggs to hatch since given the extent of 10-30 and an average of 20 ± 10 and reached overall average of 48.44 egg recipe.

Study Gene Expression for phzA Gene for PHzA Gene Responsible of Pyocyanin Production of P. aeruginosaby qPCR.

Bilal A. Awad; Ahmed M. Turkey

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 62-68
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135143

Identification of 66 bacterial isolates obtained from different sources has been shoud belonging to the bacterium P. aeruginosa in arate of 46 infection isolation and 20 environmental isolates which confirmed by Microscopy diagnosis and Biochemical tests.Micro titration plates method was (MTP) used for detection of isolates abilites to produce Pyocyanin dye. The isolates were differed in their production of Pyocyanin dye between productive with high efficiency, medium efficiency and low efficiency.For the study of gene expression of these isolates, extracted RNA was obtaind from of all isolates, then measure the amount of gene expression by qRT- PCR technology for gene PhzAresponsible for production of Pyocyanin dye, was studied the isolates incuded were 56 as treatment isolates and 10 as control isolates of each gene using the One Step Real time–PCR. It was found that the phzA gene expression by relative Quantification method ,within the range (0.93-2.12) ,with highly significant differences and probability (P<0.001).

Improvement of White Duekhla Clay properties by using Low-Density Polyethylene Fillers to use it in ceramic industries


Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 69-75
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135144

The research was summarized in preparation and make samples of the ceramic body that are filled with Low-Density Polyethylene particles.The composite materials were manufactured by using ( Duekhla White Caly with Polymer particles) for purposes of improving the properties of clay for ceramic uses. The samples were prepared from The white Duekhla clay with fixed particle size (150µm) as a matrix and adding polymer powder particles (50µm) as fillers by different ratios in the range (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) %. Some essential materials such as feldspar and the fluvial sand. The results that were obtained from tests showed that higher contents of low-density polyethylene(LDPE) and that were added to the ceramic mixture gave good results and significant improvements for water absorbance resistance and less thermal conductivity. The mechanical properties of ceramic composites were improved by a higher ratio when adding (10%) of LDPE to ceramic composites. For example, the tensile strength was increased by an amount (175.5MPa) for the addition ratio (10%), compared with the pure sample (133MPa). The results of water absorbance and thermal conductivity decreased with increasing of the addition ratio for LDPE fillers. All obtained results indicated to the possibilities of improving the quality of the used clay in the ceramic industry for increasing the plasticity and disappear some disadvantages that were observed during the tests that were obtained on them

Study affecting factors on the recovery of some heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions using natural clay

Ahmed S. Yahya

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 76-82
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135145

This study includes the ability of selected clays, which are (Iraqi bentonite, Iraqi Kaolin and Italian Kaolin) for the adsorption of heavy metals (Cu+2, Zn+2, Cd+2 and Pb+2) from aqueous solution. As preliminary experiment, the extraction operation of these ions were carried out by using batch method at (pH= 6.7 and 30 ̊C) for 10 min as a contact time to indicate the best type of these clays for removing these ions. Different temperatures (30 ̊C, 40 ̊C, 50 ̊C) and times (10 min, 20 min, 30 min) were also carried out at various pH (4 , 6.7 and 9) to select the optimum conditions for removing these ions. Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer was used to determine the concentration of these ions. The obtained results showed that the ability of the studied clays to removal these ions at (pH=6.7, 30 ̊C and 10 min contact time) were as follows: Iraqi bentonite> Iraqi Kaolin>Italian Kaolin The results were also showed that the percent adsorption for removal the most ions at (pH = 9, 30 ̊C and 10 min contact time) was 100%. The increase of reaction temperature and contact time led to increase the adsorption percent. The adsorption percent for all these ions was half or less than half when the solution of these ions containing foreign ions.

Removal of Orthotolidine from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Carbon Synthesized from Heavy Crude Oil Waste

Ahmed Mishaal Mohammed; Abdul-Jabbar A. Ali; Ibrahim A. Abdulqadir

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 83-92
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135146

In this research, activated carbon (A.C) and non-activated carbon (N.A.C) have been produced from heavy crude oil waste by distillation operations, carbonization and activation. Anhydrous zinc chloride (ZnCl2) (10% W/V) have been used for activation process with temperature of (500) ºC.Adsorption processes of Orthotolidine on the surface of (A.C) and (N.A.C) have been studied at (pH = 7) with various periods for contact (10-120) minutes and with temperatures of (283, 293, 303, 313) K, using solutions of (50, 100, 150, 200) mg L versus grain size of carbon (Mesh 70). The results showed that the percentage of adsorption increases with increasing of temperature and contact time.The highest percentage of adsorption of Orthotolidine reached to (99.00) %, using (A.C) and solutions of (100 mg L) concentration at contact time of (120 minutes) and temperature of (313 K), whereas a higher percentage of adsorption of Orthotolidine reached to (97.36) %, using (N.A.C) at the same previous conditions.Equations of Frendlich, Langmuir and Temkin have been applied on the adsorption processes. The results showed that all of the equations fit with adsorption processes according to correlation factor values (R2). The thermodynamic functions have been calculated. Values of (ΔGº) showed that the adsorption processes were spontaneous. Values of (ΔHº) showed that the adsorption processes were chemisorption and endothermic.



Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 93-98
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135147

This work includes preparation polymeric composite materials by hand-lay up method layers of glass fiber type ( E-glass) and Rock wool fiber at volume fraction 30%. Practical results showed that the surface hardness and impact strength increase with increasing the number of reinforcing layers for the two types of fibers . Also the results showed that the values of hardness and impact strength for the samples reinforced with glass fiber more than that of samples reinforced with rock wool fibers.

Mathematical conclusion for calculate effective refractive index (neff) to study propagation properties in PCF.

Mashaan attallahmah mood

Journal of University of Anbar for Pure Science, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 99-108
DOI: 10.37652/juaps.2016.135148

In this study, a mathematical equation was calculated for both the aerial and silica segments of the optical pathway emitted from the center of the fiber to calculate the neff refractive index of the photonic crystalline fiber envelope area by approximation of Silica Strand Model. In terms of the effective refractive index, the propagation properties of the photonic crystalline fibers with circular air gaps were calculated and controlled by controlling the main engineering parameters of the photonic crystalline spectrum, including: d, , Nr, MNr and d /  Aerobic gap rings, number of missing rings and air segment in order.
The results were comparable to published global research to study propagation characteristics, and zero dispersion to short wavelengths was obtained to obtain zero dispersion at desired wavelength instead of 1.155 and 1.300 in conventional optical fibers. This study could be generalized to photonic crystalline fibers of any shape and number Aerobic gaps, in addition to the possibility of studying these characteristics by replacing the air with any liquid or gas known refractive index