Omar Hamad Shihab Al-Obaidi Omar Hamad Shihab Al-Obaidi
University Of Anbar-College of Science
h-index: 1
Specialty: Chemistry
Email Address: edw.laith21973[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: 07901779298
Managing Editor
Alaa ahmed Al-Jobory Alaa ahmed Al-Jobory
Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Anbar, Anbar, Iraq
h-index: 6 Link
Specialty: Physics -nanotechnology
Email Address: a.al-jobory[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647822799744
Editorial Board
Xing Huang Xing Huang
Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu Province, China
h-index: 16 Link
Specialty: Microbiology
Email Address: huangxing[at]njau.edu.cn
Gaurav Ashok Bhaduri Gaurav Ashok Bhaduri
Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Jammu
h-index: 10 Link
Specialty: Nanotechnology, Material Synthesis, Natural Products, photochemistry, catalysis
Email Address: gaurav.bhaduri[at]iitjammu.ac.in
Phone: +919649990027
Khalil T. Hassan Khalil T. Hassan
Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq
h-index: 6 Link
Specialty: Nanoscience and Advanced Materials
Email Address: sc.khalil_alftyan[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647723065463
Omar Abdulrahman Dawood Omar Abdulrahman Dawood
Assistant Professor
h-index: 4 Link
Specialty: Information Security
Email Address: omar-abdulrahman[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647905884333
Ali Ismael Mohammed Ali Ismael Mohammed
Department of Physics, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK
h-index: 12 Link
Specialty: physics
Email Address: k.ismael[at]lancaster.ac.uk
Phone: +447424159186
Amer Saadi Salih Amer Saadi Salih
University of Anbar -College of Science. Applied Geology Department
h-index: 2 Link
Specialty: Geology/Stratigraphy
Email Address: sc.aalgibouri[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647904461294
Isam kamil Ahmad Isam kamil Ahmad
University of Anbar - College of Science
Email Address: isam_kml[at]yahoo.com
Akram. M. Ali Akram. M. Ali
Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq
h-index: 2 Link
Specialty: Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Email Address: dr.akram[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647905578557
Ahmed Mohammed Turki Ahmed Mohammed Turki
University of Anbar-College of Science
h-index: 3 Link
Email Address: amturke[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: 07830470537
Rashied Mohammed Rashied Rashied Mohammed Rashied
University of Anbar
h-index: 2
Specialty: Animal Physiology
Email Address: sc.rashied_mr[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: 07824842006
Khalid Farouq Abedul Khafoor Shareef Khalid Farouq Abedul Khafoor Shareef
University of Anbar- College of Science - Department of Chemistry
h-index: 3 Link
Specialty: Biochemistry
Email Address: sc.kfwi72[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: 07835303535
Bilal Kamal Ahmed Bilal Kamal Ahmed
Assistant Professor
h-index: 1
Specialty: Solid State Physics
Email Address: sc.bilal_alrawi[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647804124004
Ameen Shaman Ameen Ameen Shaman Ameen
Anbar university /College of Sciences / Department of Mathematics
h-index: 3 Link
Specialty: Mathematics / Graph Theory
Email Address: amensh66[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647801639373
Thamer Y. Mutter Thamer Y. Mutter
University of Anbar-College of science
h-index: 1 Link
Specialty: Microbiology- Molecular Genetics
Email Address: mthamir78[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: +9647806417604
Alaa Adnan Auad Alaa Adnan Auad
University of Anbar/ College of Education for pure science
h-index: 1
Specialty: Mathematics /Approximation theory
Email Address: alaa.adnan.auad[at]uoanbar.edu.iq
Phone: 07800141780